Advance Planning Will Enhance Your Next Fishing Vacation


Advance Planning Will Enhance Your Next Fishing Vacation

By Capt. Gus Cane

Hot summer fishing and vacations go together like hot dogs and watermelon. The action is fast-paced, and it’ s the perfect opportunity to enjoy time on the water with family and friends. To maximize the enjoyment, though, plan ahead to take full advantage of your valuable leisure time.


Long before you arrive, start by doing as much research as you can about the area you’ll be fishing. Even if you’ve been there previously, conditions change from season to season, and you’ ll want to be prepared. Sport-fishing magazines and the internet are two good sources of information. Pay special attention to trends, locations or conditions, techniques, and baits/lures. For example, an archival search of a magazine website (or hard copy back issues) might reveal a new tactic for catching trophy striped bass. Another might describe a wreck that’ s attracting flounder or flats that are especially productive for tailing redfish.

Local fishing forums and guide websites are more excellent sources of information with real-time updates. By surfing through those, you can learn what the best baits or lure patterns are for the current conditions. Check out the latest reports to see what tides have been producing, the best depths and the current water clarity. Be sure to check the state fisheries agency too. They’ll have the latest on bag and size limits, special license needs or any area closures.

Pick up the phone and make a few calls before you go. The marina where you’ll be keeping the boat or launching is a great source of local knowledge. So are the local tackle shops. They’ll also have all the tackle, bait and ice you’ll need for that specific area.


Speaking of tackle, don’t wait until the night before your first outing to check over your gear. Give it a thorough inspection long before leaving the homestead. Check drags, guides and reel seats. Re-spool the reels with new line and make sure they are operating smoothly. If not, have them serviced or do it yourself. Don’t forget to pack the other necessary gear as well, like landing nets or gaffs, coolers, leader material, de-hookers and other tools, plus the tackle bag/box with all the terminal gear you might need including hooks, sinkers, crimps, and swivels.

Start a list and write out everything and check it off as each item is being packed so nothing is left behind. Redundancy is always a good policy, especially if the vacation spot is remote. Carry enough rods and reels for all contingencies. You may anticipate fishing offshore, but wind and weather may force a change of plans by the time the trip rolls around. An arsenal of light-tackle could easily save the week if you have it with you, though.

It’s always a good insurance policy to carry a full spare hub assembly and spare tire in case there’s a problem on the road.


Vacations are the perfect chance to try out some new fishing and with the Carolina Skiff Ultra-Elite Series 23, you’ll have the versatility and features to make that happen. This model has plenty of room and the range to carry the entire family to that special spot and all the amenities for putting fish in the boat once you drop anchor. With a capacity for 16 rods, coaming pads, an insulated live well and three-tray tackle storage, you’ll be able to fish in style and maximize your well-deserved break from the daily grind.

Once the battles are over, cool off with a refreshing dip. The swim platform and transom shower on the 23 make it easy to re-board and rinse off afterwards. And then sit back and relax on the folding rear bench seat or the flip-back leaning post, enjoy a cold beverage using one of the cup-holders and take in the sunset for the perfect ending to another fun-filled summer vacation.

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Original Source: Sportsmans

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