Apex Gear ACCU•STRIKE XS Series Bow Sights


Apex Gear ACCU•STRIKE XS Series Bow Sights

By Brad Fenson

As an avid bowhunter, I’m always looking for a sight to not only help me acquire a target accurately and quickly but provide adjustability while being lightweight. It might be a lot to ask for but with a wide array of hunting situations, you have to be selective in your equipment to ensure you are always successful in the long run.

The Apex Gear ACCU•STRIKE™ XS was obviously designed for an active hunter. I like the five-pin sight, allowing me to hunt open country, applying my skills to spot-and-stalk adventures, and fine-tuning my shooting to greater distances. To say it is packed with features is an understatement.


The ACCU•STRIKE™ XS Series features an adjustable level and reversible bracket, allowing a greater range of adjustment. Adjustments are basic without extra gizmos, to provide a more durable, trouble-free system. A hex key adjusts everything from individual pins to horizontal and vertical movement. Modifications are made by loosening the hex-head screw and sliding the housing. The bracket can be reversed to allow the housing to be mounted higher in the sight window.

I often find myself hunting in steep, or uneven, terrain, and appreciate the built-in level allowing for third axis adjustments. Third axis adjustment corrects for shooting up or downhill. Another cool feature within the level is a strip of luminescent tape, which keeps the entire bubble and liquid illuminated in low light conditions.

The APEX OPTI•CHOICE™ II Pin Selector System lets you illuminate one of the five pins and change the brightness level (low, medium or high) to optimize visibility under any shooting conditions. A wheel is turned to select the pin and a push button on the side of the wheel is used to increase brightness. There is no mistaking your pin selection once you range an animal, select the pin and illuminate it to make it stand out, for easy acquisition of the targets. The light is mounted to maximize brightness within the fibers. If an animal is coming towards you and you aren’t sure what the range is going to be when you get a shot, you can illuminate all of the pins, so you just need to judge distance correctly and pick the appropriate pin.

Even without the battery, the sight pins are extremely bright. Extra-long fiber optics are used to gather and focus more light in each pin. Extra-long green, red and yellow fibers are used to help quickly distinguish pins for different ranges.

A white ring on the inside of the housing will help peep-to-sight alignment for increased accuracy. It is designed to collect light and glow in the dark, providing a greater use for different conditions and situations.

On my hunting bow, I always try to keep my accessories as lightweight as possible. The ACCU•STRIKE™ XS is not only compact but weighs in at just 5.5 ounces.

The sight is ambidextrous being adjustable for left-and-right–handed users.

The last thing a hunter will notice on the entire sight is the TRU•TOUCH™ soft–feel technical coating. If you happen to brush against something the coating will ensure no metallic sound is produced, and it minimizes any detectable noise.

This mid-range sight has superior illumination and more features than most hunters will be used to. It should bring out the best in anyone looking to bring their “A” game to the field.

With MSRP from $86.00 (black model without OPTI•CHOICE II system) to $99.00 (Camo models and black model with OPTI•CHOICE II), this site is a full-meal-deal.

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Original Source:  Sportsmans Lifestyle.com 

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