APEX Gear Attitude sight with OPTI•CHOICE™ PIN SELECTOR


APEX Gear Attitude sight with OPTI•CHOICE™ PIN SELECTOR

by Brad Fenson

Apex Attitude Opti Choice bf 1U7A6784If you have been searching for a bow sight that is lightweight, compact and provides optimal adjustability the new APEX GEAR™ ATTITUDE™ Sight series is worth a serious look. With a rugged aluminum housing, it can withstand the extreme rigors of a long hunting season. I can tell by looking at it that the tortures of hunting hard won’t cause issues. The rugged compact design speaks for itself and is what originally drew me to have a second look.

Five-pin sights are popular in the hunting world, especially amongst western adventure seekers like myself. The ATTITUDE series utilizes green, yellow, and red pins for quick yardage confirmation and selection. This sight sports PRO•BRITE™ PIN TECHNOLOGY that minimizes pin gap and maximizes pin brightness. The .019in diameter pins can be stacked tight, for even the fastest bows, with individual pin adjustments being done with an Allen key. Markings are provided on the reverse side of the housing to reference pin adjustments.

Apex Attitude Opti Choice bf OC-2_DiagramI like the OPTI•CHOICE™ II PIN SELECTOR as it allows me to focus in on one sight pin of choice and illuminate it to stand out from the others. Previous versions of the ATTITUDE and other APEX GEAR sights gained a lot of traction with the first generation of the OPTI•CHOICE selector system. The new generation expands illumination capabilities significantly—archers can now select any pin or all pins at once, and then illuminate the selected pin (or pins) at three different brightness levels.  Being able to increase light intensity by using the push–button feature, on the outside of the selector wheel makes it ideal for any light conditions. Push-button control is accessed on the backside of the mounting bracket, where the light can fully illuminate the fiber optics running to the pins. I really like the on/off indicator light on the pin selector wheel, which also shows the brightness intensity.

A level in the bottom of the housing is illuminated with luminescent tape, which will benefit hunters and shooters dealing with angled shots. A glowing ring inside the diameter of the housing also helps with sight alignment through your peep.

The windage and elevation adjustments are microdrives with an Allen key screw lock, and I found I was able to really fine-tune with this feature. The thumbscrew adjustments are smooth to Apex Attitude Opti Choice bf 1U7A6797operate. Adjust, release and lock in place using an Allen key, and have confidence that the pins won’t move. Indicator marks on the elevation adjustment and individual pins are handy for reference for pins spacing when sighting in.

A consideration for some would be the mounting bracket, which is reversible, providing more options for placement within the sight window for greater vertical adjustability. It can be used for right or left-handed shooters. There are also four different mounting options for the sight housing to allow for increased windage adjustment.

There are two holes in the mounting bracket to attach your quiver bracket. A specialized coating on the bracket and housing help with sound dampening, while providing an extra layer of durability—and ensures the body of the sight is not reflective.

This sight is designed for the hunter or shooter looking for high-end performance. It has all of the features required—2nd and 3rd axis leveling, five sight pins, multiple illumination options, various mounting options, and lightweight design—to ensure every bow set up can be accommodated.

With an MSRP of $135.00, this sight will stand out for features and value.

Visit APEX GEAR today.


Original Source:  Sportsmans Lifestyle.com 


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