by Craig Lamb

A bow stabilizer is a tremendous asset to a balanced bow when the hunter understands its purpose. APEX GEAR offers a full lineup of stabilizers, allowing archers to choose one that best suits their hunting needs.

One common misconception about stabilizers is that their primary function is to reduce noise and vibration. That is only one part of the equation. The true function of a stabilizer is much, much more.

Carbon Core Stabilizer  Apex Gear

Carbon Core Stabilizer


A stabilizer functions similarly to the balance pole used by a tightrope walker. The walker uses the pole to counterbalance his body, according to their walking gait across the rope. The basic function of a stabilizer when used on a bow is similar. It steadies the bow while you are aiming it on the draw, resulting in a smoother, straighter and more target-focused shot.

Choosing the right stabilizer depends on hunting style. If you hunt from a tree stand, a stabilizer might be unnecessary. That is the case if you remove the arrow quiver, since there is no need for counterbalancing. Western hunters are more likely to use stabilizers when stalking game with a quiver mounted to the bow.

A lightweight body, an effective dampener and a weighted front end are features of a quality stabilizer.

Once you determine that a stabilizer is necessary, the next step is to try your bow with and without one, giving you a baseline as to what level of balance is required.

The APEX GEAR CARBON CORE Stabilizer is an ultra-tunable, offset stabilizer, which helps reduce bow movement and muscle fatigue. The carbon fiber core and carbon composite exoskeleton increase the stabilizer’s strength while keeping weight to a minimum.  Its rubber-isolated weighting system helps maximize vibration dampening. Installation is easy and the stabilizer will fit all bows.

The CARBON CORE Stabilizer features removable stainless steel weights in one-ounce increments for the 7-inch model. The weights change the 7-inch stabilizer from 6 to 8 ounces. Colored dampening rings are included in both models and are interchangeable to match bow color combinations. The 10-inch model features rotational and linear adjustability and has two cap weights and two adjustable weights. The weights can be moved from the front to the back for better balance and change the stabilizer from 10 ounces to 12 ounces. All CARBON CORE Stabilizers are available in black or camo patterns to match your bow.

If taking long shots is a given for your whitetail deer hunting style, then a stabilizer makes even more sense. Longer shots require a more steady, balanced aim; a stabilizer will help ensure your aim is on target.

APEX GEAR – PERFORMANCE DRIVEN TECHNOLOGY FOR HUNTERS, MADE BY HUNTERS.  To learn more about their complete line of sights, quivers, stabilizers and other accessories, visit apex-gear.com.




Original Source; Sportsmans Lifestyle.com


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