APEX GEAR’s COVERT Family of Archery Sights Expands


APEX GEAR’s COVERT Family of Archery Sights Expands

by Capt. Ted Lund


The popular COVERT family of archery sights from industry innovator and leading manufacturer APEX GEAR has expanded in 2015. Previously only the popular single-pin model was available. But APEX GEAR listened to consumer demand and now offers archers the choice between a single-pin version or the new adjustable 4-pin model.

Versa - Pin  by APEX GEAR

Versa – Pin

The single-pin COVERT sight features APEX’s groundbreaking VERSA-PIN technology allowing archers to change the pin color on demand by simply sliding the sight pin over the multi-colored fiber track of red, green and yellow fiber colors. Included with the COVERT single-pin sight are two sizes of sight pins – .010” dia. and .019” dia. The pins are completely interchangeable at any time.  Another great feature is the amount of aperture adjustment this sight has to offer. The shooter is able to rotate the aperture up/down, front/back and left/right. Not to mention that the bracket also features up/down rotational adjustment known as GRAVITY-LINE technology. Over 60 pre-marked yardage tapes allow for quick and easy set-up.

The best feature of the 4-pin version of the COVERT sight is its “roving” bracket, making it the ULTIMATE multi-pin hunting sight! When locked, the 4-pin COVERT works like a traditional fixed-pin sight. Unlocked, the archer has the ability to dial the sight in for lethal accuracy. It’s the best of both world’s in one sight! The compact, lightweight sight design includes .019” dia. extra-long protected fibers housed in a unique metal pin design for increased durability and brightness, ultra-smooth easy one-hand adjustment, micro-adjustable windage/elevation, GRAVITY-LINE bracket adjustment and again, over 60 pre-marked yardage tapes allow for quick and easy set-up.

Regardless of the pin setup, the COVERT family of sights benefits from design similarities that make many of the patent-ending features unique. One-handed adjustments are simple thanks to the easy, ultra-smooth dials. The sight family also features APEX’s proprietary Gravity-Line rotational bracket adjustment, which aligns pin movement with gravity. Thus, taking the guesswork out of challenging off-angle or tree-stand shots.

Set-up of the COVERT family is simplified thanks to more than 60 pre-marked yardage tapes configured with rear-facing, easy to see yardage location. It also features an adjustable yardage pointer. Each sight also features an adjustable 2nd- and 3rd-axis illuminated level.

Archers have a choice of a stealthy matte-black finish, as well as Realtree Xtra and Lost Camo patterns. Price range for the COVERT sight family starts at $158.00 MSRP.

For more information on the Apex Gear ATTITUDE series of archery sights or to see their complete line of sights, quivers, stabilizers and other accessories, head to www.apex-gear.com.

You can also follow them at www.facebook.com/ApexGear.


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