Avid Hunter couldn’t find a Camera he liked, so he Designed One


Avid Hunter couldn’t find a Camera he liked, so he Designed One.

by Capt. Ted Lund


Ben Stern is an avid hunter, and like many in the field today, he loves sharing the hunting memories he makes with others. No doubt, it’s become easier with the meteoric rise of affordable point-of-view video cameras.

But there was always one BIG problem.

Tactacam with Gun Monunt

Tactacam with Gun Monunt

“With some of the traditional POV cameras, everything just looked so far away,” says Stern. “A 10-yard shot looked like it was 100 yards away, no matter what I did.”

So, unable to find a camera that did what he wanted, how he wanted, Stern designed one.

“I was working on another project, designing cameras and lenses and looking at sensors for a different industry,” says Stern. “And I got to thinking, why couldn’t I design a camera that met all the specific needs of today’s bow and gun hunters?”

And Tactacam was born.

“When we say ‘designed and built for hunters, by hunters,’ we really mean it,” says Stern. “We’re out their thinking this stuff up, designing it, building it and testing it in the stand.”

Central to Stern’s mission was creating a camera that saw — and recorded —  things differently. The answer? Tactacam’s TrueVision lens that brings your subject three times closer and mimics the perspective of the human eye.

“Many of the other cameras on the market rely on software to mimic a zoom and bring the image closer,” says Stern. “That’s where you end up having a lot of problems and sacrificing image quality. We decided to design a lens that essentially gives you a physical 3x zoom, with very wide angles at the outside. It ends up seeing things just like the human eye.”

The result is what makes Tactacam stand in a field of its own.  A 10-yard shot looks like a 10-yard shot. A 100-yard shot looks like a 100-yard shot. The wider angle on the outside of the lens also provides physical image stabilization, giving Tactacam a major advantage over any other POV system on the market for outdoorsmen.

“Whenever you zoom, you increase movement,” says Stern. “So in order to compensate, you have to have the wider angle to reduce movement. It really gives you that true visible perspective — just like the human eye. It’s all physics and calculations rather than relying on software and a virtual zoom.”

Each Tactacam is built around state-of-the-art components, including a 12mp sensor that records true full HD 1080p

Archery Stablizer

Archery Stablizer

at 30fps and 720p at 60fps. The camera also features best-in-class low-light recording — fantastic for hunters since most of our success comes during low-light periods. Footage is captured on MicroSD cards (not included) up to 64GB. Regardless of whether you use a MAC or PC computer, Tactacam is compatible and videos are downloaded via a standard USB 2.0 connection. Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer (Li-Po)  batteries provide up to 2 hours of recording time and additional batteries are available to provide for more recording time. Batteries may be recharged via the USB connection or with the included AC charger. Each Tactacam camera is covered by a 1-year Full warranty.

For more information on Tactacam’s unique line of outdoor-centric video products or to see footage shot with it, visit tactacam.com.


Original Source; Sportsmans Lifestyle.com

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