Newborn Fawn

Newborn Fawn



by Marina Scarr

This newborn White-tailed Deer was photographed at Myakka River State Park within 24 hours of its birth and was so small, it could have fit in a shoebox. It had a twin which was bedded down a few yards away. You can see how tiny the fawn is relative to its environment, and how it’s hind quarters are still a bit rickety.

Every hour or so, the fawn would rise, stretch and lie back down in a different position and new spot. This capture was taken during one of those small windows. It was a difficult shoot in very low light under thick canopy but what a joy watching these wee ones at such a young age.

It is customary for deer to leave their fawns for hours at a time when they are first born. Fawns have no scent for the initial few months of their lives, so a predator could walk right by them and never know they are there.  Additionally, many of their predators do not see the color red which also aids in the protection of all young deer species.

Think about visiting Myakka River State Park in Sarasota, Florida.  You’re bound to find abundant wildlife, including deer.

For those wishing to view more wildlife images, feel free to visit:  Marina Scarr Photography.





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