Benjamin Bulldog .357 is Built for Serious Hunting


Benjamin Bulldog .357 is Built for Serious Hunting

By Burt Carey


Whether you’re hunting amongst vines and Spanish moss in the Southeast, mountain laurels in the Appalachians, the scrub oak valleys and hillsides of the West,  or through swampy northern forests, shooting big game in tight confines requires a rifle that doesn’t catch on every branch, stem or stalk.

That’s when a bullpup makes the most sense.


Benjamin Bulldog .357

The concept of a bullpup is simple: By designing a rifle with its breech and magazine behind the trigger group, where the stock would be on a conventional rifle, you can still use a barrel of conventional length and shorten the overall length of the rifle. When you’re working through dense brush, it makes sense to carry a rifle that measures just 36 inches instead of one that’s 44 inches, if the barrel lengths are the same.

So, let’s add some spice to this game! How about a .357-caliber bullpup airgun that will take down deer, wild hogs or African plains game?

The Crosman pre-charged pneumatic Benjamin Bulldog .357 is just such a bullpup rifle.

This isn’t your childhood airgun. In fact, delivering 800 feet per second of muzzle velocity and 200 foot pounds of energy in a bullpup design that weights just 7.7 pounds is sure to make you stop and consider the serious firepower you can carry into that thickened mass of brambles and scratchy limbs.

Bullpup rifles have been with us for about 70 years, and while the majority of them have quasi-military applications assigned to them, they are just as utilitarian as a hunting arm in brushy settings or on small parcels where noise and limited range are factors. The Bullpup style gives hunters the power they need for big game, but still offers maximum balance and maneuverability.

This Benjamin model comes packed with features.

  • A baffle-less SoundTrap™ shroud to suppress the report on this big bore rifle
  • Reversible side-lever bolt
  • Easy-loading 5-shot magazine
  • 26-inch picatinny rail above the barrel
  • 5 inches of picatinny rail below the muzzle
  • 36-inch overall length
  • Reversible bolt
  • 10 shots between refills

Plus, every Benjamin Bulldog .357 comes with a cleaning tool and lubricant, and six Nosler eXtreme™ bullets.

Today’s trophy hunters outfit their rifles with a range of optics, cameras, night vision gear and bipods. The Bulldog can accommodate all these and more with 26 inches of picatinny rail above the barrel and 5.5 inches below the muzzle.

An all new 5-shot magazine was designed for easy loading, provides visual confirmation when full or empty, and it fits flush in the stock to prevent interfering with your am. An efficient side-lever bolt enables a single cocking motion and quick follow-up shots, and a crisp, two-stage trigger assures predictable delivery. A side-mounted pressure gauge is conveniently located for reading during filling and for monitoring while in the field. The Bulldog includes standard sling posts for easy carry.

Not sure that what you’re reading can be real? Take a look for yourself:

Professional hunter Ian Harford proved the Bulldog’s mettle on African plains game. “The Benjamin Bulldog performed flawlessly on my safari in South Africa,” Harford said. “We were successful on several species, all with a single shot and none requiring a track of more than 70 yards. The Bulldog is an  amazingly compact, powerful weapon and surprisingly affordable.” See video of Harford’s hunt here:

Here in the United States, professional hunter and television host Jim Shockey of “Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures” and “Jim Shockey’s UNCHARTED,” is excited about hunting with the Bulldog. “The Benjamin Bulldog is a versatile, accurate and affordable option for hunters interested in the challenge of airgun hunting. The range of game that can be taken with the Bulldog will have you hunting all year long.”

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price of Benjamin Bulldog is $999.99. Get more information online at



Original Source: Sportsmans


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