Blind Man Abandons Family after Regaining Sight in Midlife Crisis Drama

The Ticket,  Film Review by Kam Williams, Dan Stevens, introspective, midlife crisis drama, Ido FlukThe Ticket

Film Review by Kam Williams

Blind Man Abandons Family after Regaining Sight in Midlife Crisis Drama

James (Dan Stevens) was blinded during childhood by a pituitary tumor. To his credit, he never let the condition prevent him from marrying or making a living.

Despite their modest circumstances, he’s been grateful for the love of his plain but supportive wife, Sam (Malin Akerman), who bore him a beautiful son, Jonah (Skylar Gaertner). Career-wise, he’s been happy having a steady job in real estate where he works alongside his blind BFF, Bob (Oliver Platt).

But James’ perspective of all of the above changes dramatically after he miraculously regains his sight. It’s not long before he becomes more ambitious and demands a higher paying position. He also stops hanging around with Bob whom he accuses of now being jealous.

He treats Sam just as cruelly, asking whether she was with him more out of pity than love. Then he proceeds to abandon her for a pretty colleague (Kerry Bishe), and moves out of the house for nicer digs.

That is the intriguing point of departure of The Ticket, an introspective, midlife crisis drama directed and co-written by Ido Fluk (Never Too Late). Once you’re okay with the picture’s novel premise, don’t be surprised to find yourself sucked into its super-realistic, if harsh realities.

The Ticket,  Film Review by Kam Williams, Dan Stevens, introspective, midlife crisis drama, Ido Fluk

Dan Stevens in THE TICKET. Photgrapher: Zack Galler

How would you behave in James’ situation? We all like to think of ourselves as far more virtuous than the creep he turns into. Yet, this thought-provoking character study suggests that you really might have to walk a mile in his moccasins to have a good idea.

There but for misfortune may go you or I.

Very Good (3 stars)


Running time: 99 minutes

Production Studio: Rush River Entertainment

Distributor: Shout! Factory Films

Source:  GIG News

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