Bowhunter Takes Huge Iowa Buck On Camera


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Bowhunter Takes Huge Iowa Buck On Camera

Zac Geith doesn’t fancy himself a trophy deer hunter. Maybe it’s luck that the Logan, Iowa bowhunter keeps finding himself in treestands overlooking world-class whitetails. And maybe, just maybe, it was coincidence that his brother videotaped him killing a 187-3/8 buck on Nov. 22 this year.

Zac Geith with a 187-3/8 buck from Iowa

Zac Geith with a 187-3/8 buck from Iowa

The taxidermy mount will go on the wall in his house, of course, right alongside the 191 and 184 bucks he’s killed in the past nine years. And because he outfitted his PSE DNA compound bow with a Tactacam HD camera, anyone can go online and watch the hunt unfold.

Hunting in an 80-acre tract of timber near cornfields about a half-mile from his house, Geith had an inkling a big buck had claimed residence there. A week earlier, he videotaped his brother, Collin Mann, shooting a buck that scored 154 from the exact same stand.

“After the recovery (of Mann’s buck), it was apparent he was not the biggest buck in there,” Geith recalled. “He had a busted G2, a busted brow tine, a big gouge on top of his forehead and on his side where he’d been hit. He’d had the crap kicked out of him a couple of times.  Collin and I both agreed, we needed to get in and get out — we’d field dress him at my house — so we would leave the least amount of scent as possible. So we slipped in there in the dark and got him out.

“After we butchered that deer, it was definitely apparent he’d had the crap kicked out of him, and so that made our decision a lot easier that night to get right back into that same stand if the wind was correct that next Saturday, giving it a week to settle.” He resisted the urge to set up a trail camera and take the chance of leaving scent in the area.

It had snowed on Nov. 15, the day Mann shot his deer, and that same snow was still on the ground a week later when the siblings slipped through the dark of pre-dawn with the hopes of finding an even bigger buck.

“Sure enough, we get in there and there’s fresh ground scrapes all over,” Geith said. “It was amazing, just a great day in the

Tactacam Stabilizer Mount

Tactacam Stabilizer Mount

tree, so when that deer showed up, we were running the (selfie) Tactacam on me and I had one screwed into my stabilizer on my bow.” Tactacam 2.0 video cameras operate with a simple touch of a button and record in 1080p high-definition with a 60-degree lens that records images just as the hunter sees them.

Geith and Mann videotaped two smaller bucks that walked through the area, and just after turning off the Tactacams and hanging his bow, Geith saw a big-bodied deer about 80 yards away and coming toward them. “I got a look at his body; I didn’t even see his rack at the time,” Geith said. “I just looked down and saw the giant body, and when you’ve put as many days as I have, you know that’s a big, big mature animal.”

He turned on two Tactacams, one on his bow and the other, sporting a 170-degree selfie lens, pointed at him, just in time for the buck to turn and come right toward his treestand. Mann was positioned in another stand in the tree and focused his big camera on the buck.

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Original Source: Sportsmans

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