Brandon Palanuik, Chris Zaldain Choose Skeeter, Here’s Why


Brandon Palanuik, Chris Zaldain Choose Skeeter, Here’s Why

By Craig Lamb

Brandon Palanuik and Chris Zaldain come from different parts of the country and favor totally different angling styles, yet they share one strong, common interest.

No matter where you live and how you fish the office for a successful bass pro is his boat. And Paluniuk and Zaildain choose Skeeter as their choice.

Palanuik, of Hayden, Idaho, and Zaldain, of San Jose, Calif., are top pros on the Bassmaster Elite Series. They have a combined

Palaniuk and Zaldain also represent the next generation of Tour anglers that demand cutting-edge features in a bass rig. Staying competitive requires fishing from a boat that delivers performance, fishability, and toughness. They know, like many of their peers, that only Skeeter delivers it all.

Their boats, motors and trailers get put to the ultimate test. For eight months they will be on the road competing for weeks at the time. Fishing means dealing with rain, snow, rough water and all types of fishing scenarios.

Chris Zaldain

Model: Skeeter FX 20

Power: Yamaha V6 4.2L four stroke V MAX SHO 250 h.p.


Features I like the most:

I really like the billeted aluminum frame with the tool organizer and drink holder. A trolling motor recess plate is standard on most any quality bass boat, but Skeeter has taken it to another level with that feature. Everything stays organized and ready at the fingertips up front.

What else I like is the rod tie-down straps at the bow. They are the best in the industry. Skeeter recognizes that anglers have a lot of money invested in rods. I can secure six or more rods on each side of my boat—that’s thousands of dollars in value—and not worry about losing them. It’s a rubber coated with a stainless steel hook—the most heavy duty and secure rod strap of any boat.

For fishability, I like the hull design. The low gunwales prevent lures from getting caught on the deck, plus you can make low, underhand casts without the rod striking the boat.

Brandon Palanuik

Model: Skeeter FX 20

Power: Yamaha V6 4.2L four stroke V MAX SHO 250 h.p.

Features I like the most:

What I really like about the new 2017 FX series is single live well with dual capabilities. What that means is you have a live well that is fully connected. It has a removable divider in the center that is easy to take out with thumbscrews. The benefit of that is when I’m not fishing a partner or team tournament I can remove it for more fish space. Big fish have more room to prevent stress.

What’s really key for me is that if a pump goes out, the live well remains fully functional. I can use the functioning pumps without worrying about fish care. Plus, I can use both sides of the pumps for even better fish care when big bass are inside.

What else I like is the hull design and ride of the Skeeter. It rides practically the same in rough and calm water. Boat control is amazing. So is response time in rough water. The hull responds fast, and that really is important in rough water.

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