Cajun Baby chooses Skeeter for a reason

Cajun Baby chooses Skeeter for a reason

By Craig Lamb

Cliff Crochet, known on the pro bass tour as the Cajun Baby, has a lot to be proud of besides his south Louisiana roots. In Cajun country, boats are part of life, either for a livelihood or connection to the outdoors for recreation with friends and family.

Crochet quote about Cajun roots.

Crochet’s resume includes 9 Top 10 finishes, three appearances in the Bassmaster Classic, and a win in his backyard. That happened last October on the Atchafalaya Basin in south Louisiana. Crochet has $431,578 in B.A.S.S. earnings, and his star is rising as he gains more experience.

Crochet, like his peers, chooses Skeeter for it’s legendary performance in tournaments. Skeeter invented the bass boat, and with that mark came the first B.A.S.S. tournament in 1969. Since then, anglers running Skeeter boats have won millions in winnings.

For eight months of the year, the boat favored by Crochet is on the water from Texas to New York and points in between. At the top professional ranks, there is no room for failure, and Skeeter delivers the confidence, performance, and fishability demanded by top pros like Crochet.

Here’s why he chooses a Skeeter.

Model: Skeeter FX 21

Power: Yamaha V6 4.2L four stroke V MAX SHO 250 h.p.

Features I like the most:

The size of the front deck is a favorite. I have plenty of room to move around and don’t feel confined. That really matters when you are fishing in heavy cover. The benefit of the wide deck is having more room for casting baits into tight areas. Accuracy is better and so is lure presentation.

The interior layout has a lot of little things that are big to a tournament angler. What comes to mind, and what I really like is the recessed receptacle and storage area for a trash can. It’s removable and helps keep trash where it belongs, instead of blowing out into the water.

I also like the new design and material used to cover the cooler. It’s insulated too, but the lid is more designed to be stepped on than previous models. You get so much more with a Skeeter, and they listen to the needs of anglers more than any other boat builder.

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Original Source:  Sportsmans 

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