Carolina Skiff Christmas Wish List


Carolina Skiff Christmas Wish List

By Craig Lamb

When Santa Claus isn’t aboard a sleigh he’s fishing from a Carolina Skiff. Whether or not you believe in Santa Claus the versatile, dependable lineup of Carolina Skiff models should be on top of any coastal angler’s Christmas wish list.


A top choice for fishing in shallow water is the JVX Series. A lightweight and modified V-hull design combine for a boat that will carry more, go further and faster with less horsepower.

The 18 JVX is a great choice for anglers whose fishing style takes them up coastal rivers, into shallow bays and across flats in skinny water. Choose from a center console CC, a side console SC, or a stick steering SS.

The CC and SC models weigh just 1,073 pounds, and the SS weighs in at 1,073 pounds. All 18 JVX models draft only 4 inches of water. The 18 JVX models run 17’ 9” with a beam of 78 inches.

With the 18 JVX get excellent maneuverability and handling with the positive tracking keels. Patented splash guards provide the smooth, dry ride that Carolina Skiff has been known for after 30 years and counting in the business.


Build your 18 JVX CC here.

Customize an 18 JVX SC here.

Create your 18 JVC SS here.


The unique hull design of the DLV Series appeals to anglers fishing shallow flats and offshore fishermen venturing out into deeper waters. Going both directions from the same boat is achieved by a modified Tri-V hull design that delivers a smooth, dry ride.


Wide open deck space, large front and rear fishing decks, rear cushion jump seats and a choice of a Bimini Top or T-Top appeal to family-friendly anglers. For serious fishing, the console features and open face for flush-mounting electronics up to 10 inches.

The 218 DLV is an excellent choice in the lineup. A length overall of 20′ 10″ and beam of 96 inches provide plenty of room for fishing in shallow or deep waters. Overall weight is 2,700 pounds, and the boat is rated for a 150 horsepower outboard.

For a smaller package, a great choice is the 198 DLV. This top performer measures 19′ overall with a spacious beam of 96 inches. The 198 weighs 1,660 pounds.

Both DLV models draft just 6 inches of water for boats designed to access shallow water without sacrificing performance.


Build your 198 DLV here.

Customize your 218 DLV here.


Durability is a foundation of all Carolina Skiff models. Patented box-beam construction produces a solid, durable, no-flexing hull that is completely wood free.

You get peace of mind from the foam flotation that exceeds U.S. Coast Guard requirements, providing positive flotation for shallow draft and quick planning. Using more flotation than necessary also creates sound-deadening properties that make the ride smoother and quieter.

Visit a Carolina Skiff dealership this holiday season for great deals on Carolina Skiff models, the most dependable and favorite of coastal anglers for 30 years and counting.

Check out the lineup of Carolina Skiff models at You can find a dealer, learn more about the brand legacy, and build a boat on the website. You can also contact Carolina Skiff and request a catalog. Join the community of Carolina Skiff followers at the Carolina Skiff Facebook Page.


Original Source; Sportsmans 

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