Carolina Skiff Owner Spotlight

Carolina Skiff Owner Spotlight

By Craig Lamb Chris

Lanier’s job requires spending a lot of time on the water. That means he knows a thing or two about boats, and his personal choice for a fishing rig is a Carolina Skiff 19 DLX. “It’s unstoppable, bullet-proof and built like a tank,” says Lanier. Lanier, 35, has spent his entire career in the U.S. Navy and the Marine Corps. Currently, he’s a dive instructor specializing in training corpsmen skills in deep-sea rescue and recovery. Lanier is currently assigned to the U.S. Naval Diving & Salvage Training Center in Panama City, Fla.


Photo by Chris Lanier

Between the base and his home near Mobile, Ala., is some of the best fishing on the Gulf Coast. Lanier’s 19 DLX gets plenty of good use in the bays, flats and coastal rivers of northwest Florida. “The high gunwales make it possible for me to take it six or 10 miles off the coast for amberjack,” he says. “Then on the way back in I can cruise into some really shallow flats for reds and trout.” “I can do it all from the same boat,” he adds. “It’s just awesome to have two boats in one with the Carolina Skiff.” Lanier discovered the durability and reliability for which Carolina Skiff is known while stationed in South Carolina at Marine Corps Recruit Depot on Parris Island. “Durability was a big part of why I chose the Carolina Skiff,” he adds. “I wanted a boat that could last years and I’ve got it.” Lanier repowered the 2004 model in 2016. That’s when he switched to a 70 h.p. Yamaha outboard. He customized the rig by adding sea decking at port and starboard at the stern. He also added the decking to the lid of a Yeti Tundra 45 Cooler that doubles as a casting platform when cruising the flats for redfish. The Carolina Skiff 19 DLX is ideal for Lanier’s style of fishing. It’s a top performer in near-shore waters and inshore flats. Call it the pickup truck of the boating world.


Photo by Chris Lanier

From a day of hardcore fishing to an evening cruise it adapts to any need around the border waters between deep and shallow. The DLX draws very little water, so getting back into ultra-shallow water is easy. Lanier recognizes the soft, dry ride made possible by the patented hull design with splash guards that limit bow over spray. Positive tracking keels on the running surface keep the boat tracking true while maneuvering without the typical flat-bottom side. The durability factor of his Carolina Skiff is an attribute recognized early on by Lanier. Patented box-beam construction produces a solid, durable, non-flexing hull that is completely wood free. Durability includes peace of mind for Lanier and other Carolina Skiff owners. Foam flotation exceeds U.S. Coast Guard requirements, providing positive flotation while adding sound deadening throughout the hull. “It’s just a cool boat all around and I plan to keep it a long time,” says Lanier. Check out the lineup of Carolina Skiff models at You can find a dealer, learn more about the brand legacy, and build a boat on the website. You can also contact Carolina Skiff and request a catalog. Join the community of Carolina Skiff followers at the Carolina Skiff Facebook Page.   Original Source: Sportsmans

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