Choosing pin size for bow sight


Choosing pin size for bow sight

Brad Fenson

I can vividly remember my first bow and the sight that it came with. It was awkward compared to today’s standards, with brass pins fastened to the housing, the end of each pin tapered to a small ball which were painted different colors. The sight worked great and allowed me to harvest several animals early in my archery career and stressed just how advantageous the right sight pins can be.

You would be hard pressed to find a sight nowadays without some type of fiber-optic to gather and transmit light back to your eye. It allows for quick target acquisitions and more importantly makes the sight much more usable in low light conditions. The big question for most archers is what diameter of sight pins to choose. Sight pins usually come in three sizes .029, .019, and .010 inches. Obviously the easiest pin to focus and get on target would be the largest option. A good example of a sight with these larger diameter pins is the TRUGLO® BRITE•SITE™ XTREME, with 0.29 inch pins. It has been a favorite for tree stand deer hunters who are usually shooting shorter distances and looking for quick target acquisition. The larger pin diameter can also be advantageous for older eyes and people that are farsighted, that is, your quarry at any distance is easy to see, but the pin close up is hard to find and focus, making the larger the best option. The downside is that it often covers a larger area of your target, making it harder to fine tune arrow delivery.

Carbon Hybrid Micro

Carbon Hybrid Micro

People that like hunting open country, or spot-and-stalk style of hunts, the medium-sized pin can be advantageous, as it provides a blend of quick target acquisitions with fine-tuned arrow placement. It is also easier to stack multiple pins in a sight. This is the most popular choice for hunters and when you look at quality sights, like the TRUGLO® CARBON HYBRID™ series, it comes preloaded with 0.19 inch pins in all four of its models.

The smallest diameter pins allow for precision arrow placement as you can often see your bull’s eye behind the pin. The downfall is they can be very jumpy as the sight pin moves with the slightest motion from the shooter. I feel the small diameter pins are for a more disciplined shooter with good style and form.

Most hunters and shooters have experience with a specific diameter pin and perhaps haven’t considered the options

Rival Hunter

Rival Hunter

to make them more successful. If you have never looked at all three sizes at the same time, I’d strongly recommend you go into an archery shop and pick up TRUGLO’s RIVAL HUNTER, which is a sight that incorporates DDP (Decreasing Diameter Pin) Technology.  With TRUGLO’s patented DDP™ Technology, you get smaller pin sizes for longer distances as well as the larger pin sizes for close shots, providing the perfect solution for all hunting scenarios.  Another advantage of RIVAL HUNTER with DDP™ Technology is if you are farsighted, you may be able to reduce your frustrations of focusing on a pin while a big buck is coming down the trail.  The pin placement on a shot flows naturally with this technology.

Pick up some of the bows with mounted sights and see how quickly your eye focuses and picks up on the different pin sizes and styles.


Original Source: Sportsmans

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