Clean Technology Taken To the Water


Clean Technology Taken To the Water


Who could have imagined five years ago that a fully-electric car would be the largest selling luxury vehicle on the west coast of North America?  Well it is, Tesla motors have taken over the luxury car business with their no emission, no compromises series of electric vehicles.  Who is the next Tesla? There is another company advancing electric mobility, but within the global marine and boating markets.

Torqeedo Electric Outboards

Torqeedo Electric Outboards

Torqeedo, a Germany based company with offices in the U.S and seven other countries and distribution in over 40 countries, is successfully taking on the gas-powered juggernauts.  The marine propulsion world has long been dominated by fossil fuels but technology has advanced and concerns about our most precious natural resource, clean water, have become more common. Torqeedo has developed fully-electric motors that are not only clean but offer a compelling alternative to combustion-powered engines.

Advances in battery technology over the last several years, together with world-class engineering, research and product development have enabled Torqeedo to develop the world’s most efficient boat motors. With an extensive range from 1 horsepower to 80 horsepower, they are leading the global movement towards clean propulsive power for boaters.


Torqeedo Cruise Outboard

Within central Europe, 60% of all boating areas have some form of protection from combustion engine pollution.  In North America, there are over 1800 lakes and waterways that restrict the use of gasoline engines and that is just government sanctioned boating areas.  There are hundreds, if not thousands, of other restricted boating areas on private waterways and within homeowner associations.  As there becomes more and more pressure on our precious water resources, this number will continue to grow.  Torqeedo offers a solution that allows people to retain their access to these waterways, while protecting our drinking water.

Torqeedo Kayak Electric Motor

Torqeedo Kayak Electric Motor

Electric propulsion offers a solution to limited and inconvenient fuel access as well. With access to electricity readily available close to our boating areas at marinas or even at your dock, you no longer have to trailer your boat to a gas station nor do you have to lug heavy, smelly jerry-cans down the dock.  Simply step off the boat, plug it in and then walk away.  Combine these advantages with little to no servicing and a clean and quiet ride, and now you can finally boat the way it should be; simple and easy.

Torqeedo is a quickly-growing and respected player in the North American market with over 300 dealers, the largest national marine chain and over 50 boat manufacturers using their system. It is clear that they are the market leaders.

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