Flying Arrow Archery’s Tom-Bomb Extreme


Flying Arrow Archery’s Tom-Bomb Extreme Puts the Smackdown on Gamebirds

By Burt Carey

Not content with its uber-popular 2.5-inch Tom-Bomb, Flying Arrow Archery added another inch of cutting-edge blades to create the Tom-Bomb Extreme as part of the Tim Wells Signature Series.


Tom-Bomb Extreme

Bowhunters who fix their sites on pheasants, ducks, geese, pigeons and even doves will see their shooting success soar with this 3.5-inch, 100-gram helical design. The Tom-Bomb Extreme is made for quick, clean kills with either head or full-body shots of birds in flight.

The Tom-Bomb Extreme’s cutting diameter is a larger, more dynamic version of the Tom-Bomb, whose smaller diameter, 125-gram head was designed for turkey hunting. The Tom-Bomb Extreme is 25 grams lighter and has flexible blades with a hook at the ends.

“We are always working on ways to be on the cutting edge of the broadhead market,” declared Chris Rager, founder and president of Flying Arrow Archery.

The helical blade design assures accurate flight, and Tom-Bomb Extreme features durable blades that can withstand abuse in the field and yet maintain their shape. A chisel point tip creates instant cut on contact with game birds, making this one humanely lethal broadhead you’ll want in your quiver.

The Tom-Bomb Extreme retails for $44.99 and is available at quality bow shops throughout the U.S. Find out more and see all of the Flying Arrow Archery Products Now!



Original Source: Sportsmans


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