For Over 80 Years H&M Landing Has Defined the World of Sportfishing


For Over 80 Years H&M Landing Has Defined the World of Sportfishing


When speaking about the ‘best’ fishing guides in the gorgeous oasis of San Diego, California, the name H&M Landing is at the top of the list and has been (believe it or not) since 1934.

sportfishing, San Diego, California, fishing, guides, H&M Landing, Harbor Water Taxi, West Coast, Coronado Islands, marine wildlifeIt was way back when that two partners in a company called Harbor Water Taxi took one of those rare, much-needed days off from work for a little rest and relaxation, and set out on the water to do a little marlin fishing. What happened, however, was more than just a day of rest – it was a day where these two particular men got “hooked” on the sport and began to seriously contemplate founding their own sportfishing company. The very next year, in 1935, they went with their dream and H&M Sport Fishing Company was born.


Here we are in the 21st Century and H&M is now called H&M Landing Company and its’ fleet has held its position as being the West Coast’s oldest, most experienced and diversified sportfishing company for over 80 years and counting.


When we talk “fleet,” we’re not kidding around here. H&M has one of the finest charter boat fleets in the entire world. One of their private charters can accommodate any group, any size. Offering a full range of open party trips, H&M can even customize charter itineraries to suit everyone’s needs – whether the trip be for business, family, or (as it was in the beginning) simply two friends who want to enjoy the beauty of San Diego while catching those marlin.


On the highly detailed H&M website that will literally have any sportfishing lover drooling, you can see this amazing fleet that’s at the ready. From A to V in this case, they have a wide variety of boats to choose from. ‘A’ is for Alicia which sleeps 14 (10 bunks provided/single and double). 46 X 15, the owner is a guide that will bring to you one of the most memorable fishing trips you have ever experienced. The ‘V’ in this fleet is for Vendetta and is 45 x 14. Owner Ray Summer is one of the ‘best of the best’ when it comes to fishing guides, but where H&M is concerned that is the norm.

sportfishing, San Diego, California, fishing, guides, H&M Landing, Harbor Water Taxi, West Coast, Coronado Islands, marine wildlife

Just to give you a little detail, the trips offered are various and many. 1/2 day fishing trips have you fishing the coastline from Imperial Beach to the Point Loma kelp beds, or Mexican Waters according to the “best bite” out there. Depending on the season, the game fish that are available to catch look like the best ‘menu’ any seafood restaurant could offer: yellowtail, calico bass, sand bass, barracuda, bonito, mackerel and rock fish.


H&M also has 3/4 day fishing trips available that lead you to either the Coronado Islands in Mexican Waters or offshore areas in US waters. These are perfect trips for those on a tight schedule, providing you and your friends with a full day of fishing while taking up less than a full day. In the spring, summer and fall, trips target surface game fish (yellowtail, white sea bass, barracuda, bonito, and calico bass); whereas, in the winter, trips focus upon sand bass, rock cod and bottom fish.


Multi-day trips ranging from one-and-a-half to three-and-a-half days can be chosen. And when it comes to booking that sportfishing, San Diego, California, fishing, guides, H&M Landing, Harbor Water Taxi, West Coast, Coronado Islands, marine wildlifeperfect trip that allows you to remain in the San Diego paradise for up to 21 days, if you wish, you can choose from the long range fishing trips offering personal service and modern accommodations that can only be found within the H&M Landing fleet.


Every vessel is individually owned and operated, which is another way to ensure that you and your guests will receive the highest level of personal service. All trips include luxury aboard accommodations, complete meal service, personal crew attention, live bait, on board fish filleting and even refrigerated fish holds to preserve your catch. All you need to bring is sunscreen and your duffle bag, and you have the blue waters of San Diego – and everything swimming in them – at the ready. H&M even offers the adventurous out there Whale Watching tours that are unbelievably cool, allowing you to observe marine wildlife in their natural environment.


So now that you know the absolute perfect sportfishing company out there, it is time to head on over to and book that ultimate trip today. WARNING: Get ready to drool!


Source:  Sportsmans Lifestyle

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