Gift Giving Just Got A Whole Lot Easier With Tidewater Apparel


Gift Giving Just Got A Whole Lot Easier With Tidewater Apparel

by Capt. Ted Lund


With the holiday’s right around the corner, it’s never been easier to find that special boating gift for a loved one or relative thanks to Tidewater’s new apparel selection, debuting this fall (


Tidewater owners and fans of the brand will find a robust selection of shirts, hats and accessories highlighting one of the

Womens Short Sleeve

Womens Short Sleeve

fastest rising boating brands in the US.


Hats and visors are a favorite on and off the water, and Tidewater gives boaters a choice between popular Trucker style hats ($12.00) in black, blue and pink with the Tidewater logo embroidered on the front. The mesh panels on the back of the hat provide ventilation and are featured in a contrasting white color. For those preferring the minimalist approach, there is a selection of low-profile visors in green, yellow and pink ($12.00) featuring the Tidewater logo as well.


Men Denali Long Sleeve

Men Denali Long Sleeve

Men and women have a selection of shirts to chose from. The flagship of the Tidewater line is the Denali Long Sleeve Performance T ($30.00). Available in both men’s and women’s styles, the Denali features WIKZ moisture management and ZYPTRON stain release.  Men’s shirts are available in S-XXL sizes in Seamist Green, while ladies are available in Orchid (pink) in S-L sizes, with a V-style neck. Both shirts offer SPF-50 sun protection.


In short sleeve, men and women can choose from 100-percent cotton t’s ($12.00). Men’s shirts are available in S-XXL in white and yellow colors while women’s versions are fitted and available in orange and pink.


A host of other accessories are available as well, including drink coozies ($1.00) and window decals ($5.00).


For more information on Tidewater’s new accessory and apparel collection, visit them at


Original Source: Sportsmans

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