Going Flat for Great Fishing


Going Flat for Great Fishing

By Craig Lamb

Flats fishing, Just the thought brings to mind the sight of big fish cruising over ultra-shallow water. Your mind also might wander to explosive surface feeding activity as the fish gang bait up on top of the flats.

Every inshore angler should know the basics of flats fishing. Flats might not be the most abundant and predominant habitat in your area. What does appeal about flats is that predator species gravitate to them to feed.

Flats with the presence of baitfish attract lots of predator fish, from red drum to trout and more. Keep that in mind when approaching a flat. Coming in downwind, to avoid making a wake over the flat, is a wise move. So is avoiding running directly across the flat and spooking wary fish.

Flats near deep channels, cuts or any surrounding deep water are fish magnets. The fish have an easy, quick escape back to deep water is the reason why such flats are so productive. Deep holes nearby are also popular when fishing in summertime, when the cooler water attracts even more fish.

The key influencer to flat fishing is obviously the tide. A rising tide is best. Baitfish, crustaceans and other food sources rise with the tide and flood a flat. The reverse scenario occurs on the falling tide. Plan your flats fishing according to the tide chart.

Flats fishing takes a different type of tackle and style of fishing than elsewhere in the inshore angling world. Lightening up with spinning gear, longer rods helps propel lures and bait rigs greater distances across the flat. Long casts are a must, and a rod with a strong backbone is essential for keeping fish from heading into deep water.

With the Sea Chaser Flat Series from Carolina Skiff, you can go into the skinniest of skinny water. Sea Chaser, Flat Series boats, are specifically designed to meet the needs of any extreme shallow water angler.

Evidence of that fact is the Sea Chaser FS 180 with a length overall of 17’ 10,” a beam of 85 inches and a draft of about 8 inches. The boat has a fuel capacity of 33 gallons and is rated for a maximum of 150 horsepower.

Standard features include an insulated bait well with Maxi-Air aerator system to keep bait fresh on the way out, and an insulated fish box to keep catches cold all the way back home. Two lockable rod storage boxes and built in tackle coxes with pullout trays. Standard trolling motor panel and push pole holders. All of it is standard.

There’s enough under-gunwale storage space for ten fly rods in addition to gear storage for gear, like a foredeck dry-storage compartment that can double as a cooler. With a beam of over 85 inches and a large forward casting deck, the 180 Flats offers plenty of room for casting. Deck hardware is recessed, just like you’d expect on any serious flats boat.

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Original Source: Sportsmans Lifestyle.com

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