Innovation and Safety — The Hallmarks of TenPoint’s Success


Innovation and Safety —

The Hallmarks of TenPoint’s Success


To the untrained eye, a crossbow is such a simple tool. After all, historians say its design dates as far back as the 5th century BC and was meticulously described by the Greek author Heron of Alexandria. He called it the gastraphetes, which resembled a heavyweight archer’s bow attached to a wooden launching arm. The operator would push the butt-end of the launcher into his abdomen as he drew back on the string. The string hooked to a trigger that, when released, sent a bolt flying with deadly effect toward the target. A weapon of war, its bolts helped in Alexander’s siege of Tyre in 332 BC.

History lessons aside, today’s crossbows are incredibly complex marvels of technology and engineering, and fortunately, Venom TP107_Processedare no longer instruments of war but of hunters. How we arrived at such modernity is the story of TenPoint Crossbow Technologies, a proudly American company headquartered in Mogadore, Ohio whose goal is to be a world-class manufacturer of products that are recognized as an industry standard for safety, precision engineering, durability, performance and power.

In just 30 short years, the crossbow has evolved from a relatively primitive weapon to a highly accurate and powerful hunting arm in no small part because of TenPoint’s fastidious pursuit of perfection. Its engineers design every detail of each crossbow model to deliver the most durable, dependable and accurate shooting experience available today. In short, TenPoint’s commitment to manufacturing the safest crossbows in the world is a goal made possible by the dozens of innovations it has introduced to the industry.

Since 1994 TenPoint has been awarded 33 patents — and another 19 are pending. Included on its lengthy list of accomplishments are cocking mechanisms, the Dry-Fire-Inhibitor and GripSafety, all designed with safety and performance in mind. Its rubber-bedded barrel, integrated safety wings design and carbon barrel technology completely rewrote the thinking of the crossbow industry, and more recent innovations include TenPoint’s Parallel Limb Technology bow assembly, Xtreme Limb technology, the Compact Limb System, Hybrid Eccentric/HE2 Cams, the String Dampening System, and nickel-Teflon coated trigger parts. Its Omni-Nock eliminated indexing problems associated with moon and capture nocks, TenPoint’s Omni-Brite is an LED light nock system that helps hunters avoid loading accidents.

Those certainly don’t sound like the crossbows — precursors of catapults — used by ancient Greek armies. And they are far more safe for their users. TenPoint’s commitment to safety goes beyond retail sales. Its patented GripGuard was improved earlier this year and is now available free of charge (call TenPoint customer service at 30-628-9245, option #2). The GripGuard is a custom shield that fits over TenPoint’s post-1999 synthetic thumbhole-stock fore-grips. While the original GripGuard was semi-transparent, the new, premium version is constructed of black rubber over-molding that provides superior gripping power and is more aesthetically pleasing.

“While we already provide a dry-fire prevention mechanism, automatic ambidextrous trigger safety, and – on some models – our patented GripSafety, we remain laser focused in looking for ways to build more hand safety into our crossbows,” said Rick Bednar, CEO of TenPoint. ” In each of the 20 years TenPoint has been manufacturing crossbows, we have never failed to introduce innovations or to improve our products. And, in most cases, the advancements we have made originated from customer input.”

While TenPoint’s top-of-the-line models include premium features, benefits and accessories that make them the best in the industry, its core performance features are the foundation upon which every TenPoint crossbow is built. Earlier this year, the company announced modifications to its Fusion Lite and Functionally Superior Thumbhole stocks to accept tenpoint-shadow-crossbow-package-tmolded safety wings. With this, every 2014 TenPoint model (except the GT Flex) features the popular rubber safety wings originally offered on the Vapor and Stealth SS models in 2013.

TenPoint marked yet another safety milestone this year by announcing that every post-2013 synthetic TenPoint stock is now equipped with a model-specific secondary safety feature that helps prevent potentially severe thumb and/or finger injury.

Not surprising, all TenPoint crossbows are unabashedly designed, built and tested in the U.S.A., which enables the company to control the processes necessary to use the best parts and materials available.

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