Legacy Ball Atlanta 2017 at Spring Hall, February 10

Date:  February 10, 2017

Time: 7:00 pm

The Legacy Ball Atlanta is an annual event celebrated in the month of February in Atlanta Georgia. This Ball is in commemoration of the dance history, style, class, and elegance of Detroit Style ballroom dancing. The Graystone Ballroom in Detroit, Michigan was the place to dance many years ago. Our commitment in Atlanta Georgia is to preserve the history and the style of dance as it was danced years ago by “The Legends”, hence the phrase “The legacy continues…”

We are fortunate to still have some of the ladies and gentlemen among us who danced at the Graystone, and many other ballrooms in Detroit many years ago. These men and women are vibrant and dancing to this day. They are affectionately known as “The Legends”. We in Atlanta, Georgia want “The Legends” to know we appreciate and honor them. The Legacy Ball is for you, for us, and for many generations to come. Look for special contributions to this event by the Legends during the Saturday workshops. Entertainment includes the loveley and talented Sarah LeSol of Atlanta Georgia. Musical host for this event are Mike2Mike Williams and Tyrone (The God Father) Bradley from Detroit Michigan.

Please Note:
(1) Hotel room rate correction, King room with full bed pull out is $85.00 plus tax and fees. Double Queens are $89.00 plus tax and fees. Room rates and availability will end January 27, 2017.

(2)The Legacy Ball weekend package is $75.00 for Friday and Saturday night. VIP weekend package includes 3 workshops $90.00, and the Legacy package $115.00 with 6 workshops and preferred seating. For more information about tickets, click on the tickets or please call 404 923 0693.

To get exclusive rates at our host hotel, click here.

Spring Hall
7130 Buford Hwy NE #100
Atlanta, GA 30340



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