Master Tips of the Turkey Thugs

Master Tips of the Turkey Thugs

The Turkey Thugs

have run up against

every scenario

imaginable in the

spring woods. Here’s

their tried and true

tips every hunter

should know!

Courtesy Joe Blake / NWTF

Courtesy Joe Blake / NWTF


Tip 1: Approaching the Roost

Deciding how close to get to a roosted gobbler at daybreak is one of the most important decisions any turkey hunter has to make but distance is only one factor to think about:

When moving in to set up on a gobbler that has sounded off, the chances of other turkeys roosting nearby is high. Pick your path carefully and move slowly and steer clear of anything that will make noise. One step at a time, heel first so you can feel what’s under your feet.

Have a call handy so if you do spook another turkey that flies from the trees you can cackle in an attempt to maybe fool the gobbler into thinking a turkey just flew down naturally and was not spooked.

Always error on the side of setting up too far from the gobbler, you can always move again if the gobbler does not come in to your set up at first light.

The key to getting the right set up on a roosted gobbler is knowing your hunting ground, so let your feet do the work, scout early and often. To Learn more Great Turkey Thug Tips Read More>>>

Source: Mossy Oak Turkey / Sportsmans Life / Baret News Wire

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