Meet the New “Multi-Tool” of the Bowhunting Sight World


Meet the New “Multi-Tool” of the Bowhunting Sight World

The all-new ACCU•STRIKE™ XS Series bow sight delivers unprecedented versatility and field performance at a budget-friendly price!

by Rob Reaser


Let’s face facts: selecting the ideal sight for your bowhunting rig can be an exercise in frustration—especially when working with tight finances. Most budget-oriented sights are a compromise between features and price, and the old adage “you get what you pay for” is especially true in the bow sight arena.

But what if we told you there was a new hunting sight on the market that weighs the cost versus features scale in your favor?

That’s exactly what APEX GEAR offers with its all-new ACCU•STRIKE™ XS Series bow sight.

APEX Accu strike-Archery Sight-BFMG-Content Marketing-ACCU•STRIKE™ is a familiar name in the APEX GEAR lineup, known as a “back to basics” sight that delivers hunting versatility at a price in line with the working class bowhunter’s budget. For 2016, APEX GEAR’s engineers have greatly expanded that versatility while keeping the price in check.

There are four models in the ACCU•STRIKE™ XS Series, but before we dive into those specifics, let’s take a look at the improved XS Series platform that’s common to all.

For starters, the ACCU•STRIKE™ XS is a five-pin sight. This is great news for multi-pin fans who are taking advantage of the long-range accuracy and penetration capabilities of the micro and ultra-micro hunting shafts on the market today, yet who aren’t comfortable using single-pin, slider-type bow sights. That fifth pin (there were four on the previous ACCU•STRIKE™ sight) can comfortably extend your range another 10+ yards or simply help reduce your pin gap, depending on your shooting style and equipment setup.

Speaking of shooting style and equipment, the versatility of the ACCU•STRIKE™ XS can accommodate any bow hunting platform. The reversible bracket, for example, greatly expands the pin cluster’s vertical adjustment range, and works in concert with the precision CNC-machined dovetail windage adjustment. Furthermore, the ACCU•STRIKE™ XS is adaptable for both left- or right-hand shooters. Elevation and pin adjustment markings are also included to assist in fine-tuning.

While all of these features make the ACCU•STRIKE™ XS ideally suited to a broad range of bow hunting applications, the key advantage of APEX Accu strike OptiChoice2Reaerthis sight is its low-light performance. Seasoned bowhunters know it is often those last 15-20 minutes of shooting light when the magic happens, and a sight that allows pins to standout during those murky minutes can make all the difference.

All ACCU•STRIKE™ XS Series sights come with extra-long fibers (significantly longer than their predecessor) for improved ambient light gathering, and a level that is illuminated with luminescent tape. The extended-length fibers deliver optimal light to the .019-inch pins no matter if you’re deep in the woods or working the edge of a green field. Where the ACCU•STRIKE™ XS sight models differ is in their manual lighting systems.

The star of the new ACCU•STRIKE™ XS Series lineup is the AG1615 BKS model. Available in black, the AG1615 BKS comes with the OPTI•CHOICE II PIN Selector. This feature serves two key functions.

First, the OPTI•CHOICE II lets you illuminate all five pins at once, and do so at three different light settings: low, medium, and high. Switching the illumination level to match the lighting conditions is as simple as depressing the button on the side of the OPTI•CHOICE II PIN Selector. Controlling the luminosity of the entire pin cluster is perfect when your shooting distance and ambient light levels are changing rapidly.

Second, the OPTI•CHOICE II PIN Selector allows you to do just that—select only the pin you wish to illuminate. By rotating the OPTI•CHOICE II dial on the side of the bracket, you can choose which of the five pins to illuminate and by how much. This works great when your target is holding within a specific range, or when you just want to isolate the pin you need and avoid any visual “heat of the moment” confusion.

In all, the ACCU•STRIKE™ XS AG1615 BKS delivers everything you need to make the winning shot in visually challenging conditions.

The other three bow sights in the ACCU•STRIKE™ XS Series feature APEX GEAR’s popular Micro push-button light. With the touch of a button, this light enhances pin illumination to help you make that critical 11th-hour shot.

What distinguishes these three models is the finish. Buyers can choose between black, Lost Camo, or Realtree Xtra. Regardless of which model or finish you prefer, all ACCU•STRIKE™ XS Series sights come with the TRU•TOUCH™ soft-feel technical coating.

We all enjoy one-stop shopping, and in a way, the ACCU•STRIKE™ XS Series sights provide just that—everything you could want in a diverse and feature-packed bowhunting sight, and all at a price that will make you smile.

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Original Source: Sportsmans Lifestyle

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