New Druid Knife on the Cutting Edge


New Druid Knife on the Cutting Edge

by Ted Lund


One of the leading manufacturers of cutlery world wide has introduced a cutting-edge multi-purpose knife to the outdoors industry.

The brainchild of Steel Will Knives, the Druid 200 is a perfect match for outdoorsmen ranging from campers and hunters to hikers and anglers thanks to a sturdy and robust platform and universal cutting abilities.

Druid 200

Druid 200

Rugged construction translates into unparalleled craftsmanship and durability thanks to a full-body tang. Exposed at the butt of the handle, the tang forms a multi-purpose hammer and is rounded to not interfere with the handling of the knife.

Taping out at an overall length of 11.6 inches, the blade of the Druid 200 is 6.1 inches in length and the high-carbon steel features a satin finish and provides continuous premium performance with dynamic results. The high-carbon chromium-bearing steel has a thickness of 0.2 inches, giving outdoorsman the ability to complete most field tasks including clearing brush, making tinder, and skinning wild game. The thermoplastic elastomer handle fits securely in the hands of most outdoorsmen. Thanks to a unique groove design, outdoorsmen can enjoy confident control in dry and wet conditions.

The Druid 200 is conveniently carried and protected by an individually crafted leather sheath

with an integral belt loop that rests comfortably on the user’s belt, adding a professional, elegant — and practical — appearance.



Steel Will Knives was created with one purpose: to craft the world’s best knives by choosing



the finest time-tested metals from Japan, Austria, America and other countries and to ensure every knife achieves the distinct properties for which it is created. Each Steel Will knife is produced with scrupulous attention to every detail. The company is constantly searching for new ideas to revolutionize its products and to remain on the cutting edge of technology. Steel Will Knives prides themselves on designing products with the highest level of performance, quality, and craftsmanship.   To learn more about the DRUID 200, please visit  Steel Will Today!


Original Source; Sportsmans Lifestyle

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