New TRUGLO RANGE-ROVER PRO a Hit with Archer’s Choice TV Hosts


New TRUGLO RANGE-ROVER PRO a Hit with Archer’s Choice TV Hosts

by Ted Lund


Vicki and Ralph

Vicki and Ralph Cianciarulo

Over the past 15 years as hosts of “Archer’s Choice TV” and “The Choice” on the Outdoor Channel, Vicki and Ralph Cianciarulo have seen products and companies come and go. But one company has been there through thick and thin: TRUGLO.

The couple are dedicated bowhunters.  Two things have remained constant over the past 15 years as they’ve followed their passion for archery — their dedication to TRUGLO products — and each other.


The couple is excited about TRUGLO’s new Archer’s Choice RANGE-ROVER PRO archery sight. “We’ve been hunting together for more years than we care to remember,” says Ralph. “And this is one of the best sights we’ve ever used.” Both love single-pin sights. “It is simple to use and works great,” says Vicki. “It has a 2x magnification factor that offers even greater visibility, and will assist with difficult shots while providing pin-point accuracy.”


The RANGE-ROVER PRO is a feature-packed addition to TRUGLO’s award-winning, RANGE-ROVER

Range Rover Pro by TRUGLO

Range Rover Pro

Series of single-pin adjustable archery sights. It’s ultra-smooth ZERO-IN Adjustment Dial provides remarkably precise micro-adjust elevation tuning, giving hunters an extra edge in difficult conditions. But the most innovative feature that makes this single-pin stand alone from all others is the sight’s Power-Dot Illuminated Center-Dot Technology featuring an adjustable green LED with 11 brightness settings. Archers can hone in on their long-distance shooting accuracy in ANY light condition thanks to this innovative scope housing with a half-inch diameter circle featuring the lighted center dot. The adjustable green LED is powered by the included CR2032 battery.


Windage is micro-adjustable with a precision click design. And the sight features a tool-less yardage and windage lock, as well as an adjustable yardage-stop which allows for customization of the maximum yardage setting. The sight housing accepts a 1.87” scope lens that is sold separately.  And the RANGE-ROVER PRO also includes over 40 pre-marked yardage tapes to simplify set-up. Laser marks for windage and elevation make zeroing in a breeze. The RANGE-ROVER PRO is adjustable for left- or right-handed shooters and includes a quiver mount for attaching directly to the sight bracket.


The couple also appreciates TRUGLO’s uncompromising approach to providing quality products and accessories for outdoorsmen. “Just like with all of the TRUGLO products — from sights to releases with BOA technology and more — quality is never sacrificed,” says Ralph. “For all these years, they continue to provide unmatched performance afield, when it counts.”

For more information, visit, and be sure to follow TRUGLO on Facebook ( and Twitter (@TRUGLO).

To learn more about the Cianciarulo’s or follow their TV show, visit


Original Source; Sportmans

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