Parabellum CO2 Pistol by Gletcher Grabs Attention


Parabellum CO2 Pistol by Gletcher Grabs Attention

By Burt Carey


If you’re the kind of shooter who likes to draw a crowd at the range, you’re going to love the new Parabellum CO2 pistol manufactured by Gletcher.



It’s a remake of the Parabellum made famous by the German Army in World Wars I and II in a version so fantastically realistic to the Georg J. Luger design that people around you won’t know the difference until they either get close enough to read the writing on its sides or hear it shoot. Gletcher refers to this replica threshold as “RealCopy.” Airguns with this designation are made with military precision in a size and weight similar to the original weapon.

Gletcher specializes in the production of replica pneumatic airguns. It’s a brand of Sport Manufacturing Group (SMG) Inc., an American company established in 2008 in New York.

Through painstaking design work, this Parabellum model uses what Gletcher refers to as a blowback system, or one that provides a recoil movement and simulates the realism and visceral feedback offered in the original weapon. The Parabellum’s breechblock lever system closely mimics the toggle-lock action of Luger’s original 7.65mm PO8 he introduced in 1898.

The Parabellum is powered by a 12-gram CO2 cartridge that slips into the magazine and provides the power to send rounds downrange at an average velocity of 328 feet per second with startling accuracy. The gun has a capacity of 17 rounds in 4.5mm (.177-caliber) steel shot BB’s. The pistol weighs 2 pounds (the original weighed 1.92 pounds) and measures 8¾ inches in length (original: 8.74 inches).

Other safety and convenience features include a bolt hold-open device, a full-size magazine and light trigger pull.

At just $139.99, the Parabellum comes with an 18-month warranty. For more images and information, go online to


Original Source; Sportsmans Lifestyle

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