Quiet Please – Bass Pro’s golf tournament goes electric


Quiet Please – Bass Pro’s golf tournament goes electric


With handheld signs hushing spectators, whispering announcers and the famous golf clap, duffers are always trying to find a way to limit distractions and fully enjoy the serenity of the tees and greens. Electric golf carts have a long history in the sport and now there’s a golf boat.


IMG_0027When the organizers of the Bass Pro Shops Legends of Golf at Big Cedar Lodge tournament needed to ferry celebrity participants back and forth to a challenging island green they partnered with Torqeedo, the world leader in electric boating, to power a Sun Tracker Signature Series pontoon.


The Sun Tracker provides a lush ride in pillow-topped fore and aft lounges, offering a luxurious respite for the golfers aboard. The 24’ boat was equipped with two Cruise 4.0 9.9hp equivalent electric motors and powered with eight Power 26-104 lithium smart batteries which gave a tranquil, powerful and fume-free motoring experience.


“We were thrilled to be part of the Legends of Golf event for the second year in a row. The competitors love the experience of electric boating. It’s aIMG_0009 natural fit with the great sport of golf.” – Said Steve Trkla – President, Torqeedo Inc.


The Legends participating included Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player and Tom Watson and while Ben Crenshaw may have said goodbye to The Masters this year, fans got a chance to see him take on both Top of the Rock and Buffalo Ridge. The latter course has been transformed over the last six months by noted conservationist Johnny Morris and famous golf architect Tom Fazio.


Proceeds from the tournament will go to fund scholarships at College of the Ozarks “Hard Work U” and the National Fish and Wildlife Museum.

View video of the event; http://dld.bz/dChRS

To Learn more about Torqeedo visit there website: Torqeedo.com


Original Source; Sportsmans Lifestyle.com

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