Record Your Spring Gobbler Hunt With Tactacam


Record Your Spring Gobbler Hunt With Tactacam

by Ted Lund


Spring gobbler season is right around the corner, and whether you plan to take them with a shotgun or bow, there’s no other way to document the thrill of the hunt than with point-of-view video.



Up until recently, the only way to do that was by modifying mounts for popular POV cameras designed for extreme sports like kiteboarding, wakeboarding and skydiving. But now, thanks to Tactacam, outdoorsmen have a POV camera designed by outdoorsmen to specifically address their needs.

One of the biggest advantages of the Tactacam over other non-hunting specific POV cameras is its ease of use: Tactacam turns on and records with the push of a button; thanks to Power on Auto record, you don’t hold the button down to power on, just push.  You push to start and push to stop at all times (on or off) — it’s that easy to use. Now when you call that gobbler right to the end of your barrell, your buddies won’t have any choice but to believe you: the proof is in the video.

In addition to ease of use, the new Tactacam 2.0 is built using the best components and electronics available. This small video camera — specifically designed for the riggers of the hunt — is built with an ultra-high quality lens and 12-megapixel lowlight sensor. And instead of using a wide-angle fisheye style lens like other POV sport cameras, the Tactacam 2.0 takes advantage of a unique lens design optimized for bow and gun, which provides a view similar to that of the human eye: 20-yard shots no longer look like a 100-yard shot. Now your 20-yard shot will look like 20 yards and your 100-yard shot will look like 100 yards in your video.

Tactacam’s 12mp sensor records true full-hd 1080p at 30 fps and 720p at 60 fps. With included audio caps, the



camera is waterproof to 30 meters. Outdoorsman will appreciate the variety of mounts as well. Head and selfie mounts are available to give viewers you’re unique perspective as to what’s happening during every stage of the hunt. A variety of archery, gun and scope mounts are available as well to let the viewer see what the gun or bow sees. The Tactacam 2.0 is also shock-resistant and rated for up to .50 cal. firearms.

All footage is recorded on a MicroSD card (not included) with up to 32GB of capcity. Onboard charging of the Lithium-Ion batteries is available via USB 2.0 or  with a 110-120 volt AC outlet charger. A full charge gives the Tactacam 2.0 up to two full hours of record time, and extra batteries are available to provide plenty of in-the-field footage.

Each Tactacam 2.0 is covered by a 1-year manufacturers warranty. MSRP starts at $289 and units are available in flat black, tactical black camo and traditional camo. For more information, to learn more or to locate a dealer near you, visit and start sharing your hunts today.


Tactacam is a Registered Trademark.


Original Source;  Sportsmans Lifestyle

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