Repower and upgrade with these five considerations


Repower and upgrade with these five considerations


When it comes time to repower your boat there is much more to consider than installing a new outboard engine. Considering digital and electronic systems as part of the upgrade is a wise move. That’s because many of those features come standard on today’s newer models.


These five considerations prove why there are more these days to repowering a boat than just switching motors.


1—Max it out

Your boat performs to manufacturer specs and at its best when rigged with the maximum rated horsepower. That might be more than you need but the engine will likely last longer. It’s working less hard to push the boat and more on getting the most from the performance features of the hull design.


2—Modern steering

Replacing aging steering cables and other mechanical components is a given. Another consideration is upgrading to hydraulic steering. For offshore boats, Yamaha’s Helm Master brings the advantages of digital technology to the water. The system provides real-time information and the power to change course. Digital rigging that is streamlined and corrosion-resistant increases space under the dash and the option of a second station without hydraulic lines.


3—More current

All those latest and greatest accessories put a drain on battery power. So it’s worth upgrading the boat’s battery system. Engines with integrated controls and enhanced fuel delivery systems can use more electricity than your existing batteries can handle. The good news is that today’s batteries last and holds charges longer. Lithium batteries are expensive but worth the cost if you are looking to add performance. Gel and lead batteries weigh about one-third more than marine lithium marine batteries. Those also charge faster and last longer.


4—Go high tech

Today’s digital gauges and electronic controls are now standard equipment on new boats. Fly-by-wire throttle and shift controls improve handling. Digital controls provide concise information and more. Many electronics systems are even synced to communicate between each other. Those intuitive control systems improve performance, are easier to operate and simplify the job of monitoring all of the functions.


5—High-tech options

Yamaha offers a wide selection of options that add performance while doing lots of the work of monitoring control systems for you. That frees you up to spend more time enjoying the ride. Here are some examples.


Yamaha boat gauges come in several styles, from the high-tech Command Link LCD displays to the more traditional analog gauge. Yamaha Mechanical Remote and Electronic Controls offer intuitive, ergonomic designs. All that adds up to virtually effortless control of the throttle and shift functions. Yamaha’s outboard key switches and panels come in single, twin and triple panels for easy ignition of multiple outboards. Bundling all those features and more in a synchronized, dependable linked system is the Yamaha Power matched System. That means  from the key switch to prop the system is 100 percent Yamaha reliable. All the components are designed and rigged to fit perfectly together and work seamlessly.

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Original Source: Sportsmans


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