Safety Check your Carolina Skiff


Safety Check your Carolina Skiff

By Craig Lamb


Over time the skiff has expanded its inshore saltwater boating role from workboat to functional rig for enjoying water sports by the entire family.


Skiffs of today are still no-frills rigs at the core. Yet many are refined to include some fishing features found in flats or bay boats. Easy to maintain and operate, skiffs appeal to a wide boating audience.


The versatile skiff needs no introduction to inshore boaters. Most enjoy their time on the water to the fullest. One day that might be pulling crab traps and the next outing could be free diving over lobster beds. Casting for multi-species gamefish is a given, too.


All those activities make preparation and safety a high priority for skiff owners. Smart skiffers keep a checklist of everything they need for a given activity. That is a wise move since the needed gear ranges far and wide, from extra spools of fishing line to snorkels.


To keep it all at the ready many skiff owners keep gear separated in clear plastic storage containers. Everything stays in the same place to eliminate worries about leaving something behind on shore.


Carolina Skiff has been around for more than 30 years and has a loyal following of those owners. They keep coming back for the same reasons. Carolina Skiff values those owners so much that turning customer feedback into designs and updates is a foundation of the business.


The JVX Series is part of that legacy. Designed and rigged with fishing in mind the foot center console model handles shallow water with ease with a 4-inch draft. At nearly 18 feet in length, the JVX 18 CC has a lightweight, modified-V hull. That design carries more weight faster and farther with less horsepower.


You don’t hear much about performance and handling in a skiff beyond the basics. That’s not so with the JVX. Patented splash guards keep passengers dry with positive tracking keels that enhance handling and maneuvering.


For peace of mind, all Carolina Skiffs have upright and positive floatation that exceeds requirements by the U.S. Coast Guard. That means a virtually unsinkable boat for peace of mind.


Inside the aft deck has a 12-gallon live well while the foredeck is rigged with a 12-volt trolling motor plug. Six-rod holders are standard. A second live well is optional, and the trolling motor plug can be upgraded to 24 volts.


Skiffs by design are known to be versatile. The JVX 18 CC is no exception. It features a standard 70-quart cooler for icing down lots of food and drink. A swim platform provides ease of access for boarding and launching into water sports. Seating is roomy, and cushions at fore and aft are optional.


JVX 18 CC: LOA: 17 ft. 9 in. • Beam: 6 ft. 6 in. • Draft: 4 in. • Weight: 1,073 lb. • Max Power: 70 hp


Carolina Skiff is currently the number one boat brand in retail sales of outboard-powered fiberglass boats, 24-feet and under. Their popular brands include Carolina Skiff, Sea Chaser, Fun Chaser deck boats and Fun Chaser pontoon boats.


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Original Source: Sportsmans

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