Skeeter Boats Comes Up with Cure for Cabin Fever


Skeeter Boats Comes Up with Cure for Cabin Fever

By Craig Lamb

  If you are overdosing on TV fishing shows, mindlessly flipping through tackle catalogs, or feeling down and don’t know why, then you are not alone. Count yourself among most of the fishermen in the entire country. We have cabin fever. It’s common this time of year when hunting and football overtake wetting a line on the list of weekend priorities. Or, it’s just plain too chilly and the days too short to go fishing. Rest assured that a cure on the way. skeeter-boats_bass-fishing_bass-masters_ That cure comes from a boat and outdoor shows coincidentally held during the dead of winter, when you can’t go fishing. The tradeoff is you can see, feel and hear what is to come in spring, even though not on the water. You can also get great deals on the latest gear you need to catch more and bigger fish. Show season is also the best time of year to become a new boat owner. Boat dealers are eager to make deals, which is why they exhibit at shows. Manufacturers roll out new models. It’s a win-win all around. Skeeter Boats is introducing its newest model in the Solara. Read more about it here. The Solara will be introduced at the Chicago Boat, RV & Strictly Sail Show. Dates are Jan. 11-15 at McCormick Place. You can also see the new model introduced at the Minneapolis Boat Show, one of the nation’s largest. Dates are Jan. 19-22 at the Minneapolis Convention Center. 2017-bmt-fx21le The Solara joins a full lineup of custom-made models that are part of the Skeeter family. That includes quality built, performance driven and feature packed freshwater and saltwater models. Since the first Skeeter was built in 1948 the company has set the standard, raised the bar and led the industry in innovative design and construction of bass boats. Read more about Skeeter’s history and innovations here. Walleye and multi-species deep-V boats, high performance, center console bay boats made by Skeeter are also the top choice of serious anglers. That includes, of course, the legendary bass boats. Skeeter owners prove the point. This year, Skeeter was nominated the CSI award for the 14th consecutive year for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction for Fiberglass Outdoor Boats. The awards are the highest honor in the industry as recognized by the National Marine Manufacturers Association. Find your cure for cabin fever by attending a boat show, and be sure to come by the Skeeter booth. You can meet pro anglers and a dealer nearest you. Check out the new Solara and the rest of the Skeeter family at these shows worthy of a weekend road trip. Chicago Boat, RV & Strictly Sail Show Jan. 11-15 Atlanta Boat Show Jan. 12-15 Georgia World Congress Center Minneapolis Boat Show Jan. 19-22 Minneapolis Convention Center   In the meantime, get your boat show fix at You can request a brochure or download a catalog, build your dream rig, and get Skeeter Team merchandise to wear to the shows.  Got a question? They’ve got answers at the Skeeter factory in Kilgore, Texas. Call (903) 984-0541, or find the nearest dealer here.   Original Source: Sportsmans

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