Skeeter FXLE


Skeeter FXLE

By Craig Lamb

If leading the pack and seeing everyone else in your wake at tournament takeoff is your thing, then here is the boat for you. Even better, this custom rig will get envious stare downs at the weigh-in, on the highway, and anywhere else you take it. What is more, this boat is rigged with the best accessories available for bass fishing.


Meet the Skeeter FXLE. It’s top-of-the-line and stands out in more ways than you can count when compared to anything else available in the bass boat market. The custom, limited edition rig is available in the FX21LE and FX20LE.

When tournament time matters, and it always does when the clock is ticking away, the Skeeter FXLE gets you on the fish first, in style, and comes loaded with tournament-winning features.

Limited edition is indeed what it means. Custom colors unique to the Skeeter FXLE run bow to stern, inside and out. Color accents stand out across the hull stripes, along the gunwale, around the console, and stitched into the color-matched seating. PowerPole® shallow water anchors even get the contrasting color treatment. Six different color and decal packages are available with all of the choices setting apart the bold, unique face of the Skeeter FX Limited Edition.


Color matched Rigid Lighting add the icing on the cake of the appearance package. Good looks add practicality, as LED deck lighting makes rigging and organizing tackle safe, efficient and easy in the dark.

The Skeeter FXLE makes a statement on the water and on land. The custom rig rides on a color-matched heavy-duty trailer sporting an exclusive wheel package with black aluminum wheels. Tandem axles support trailer brakes add safety and peace of mind, and there’s a space saving swing-away tongue for storing the rig in a garage.

Limited edition also means fully loaded with top-shelf accessories. Start with a Lowrance® HDS 12 Gen 3 on the dash and Lowrance® HDS 9 Gen 3 at the bow. Both top-of-the-line electronics units feature internal GPS, CHIRP Sonar and StructureScan®, a temperature gauge and more. LED-backlit screens with multi-touch displays make the units easy to read and use. 


Take control at the bow with the Minn Kota® Fortrex® 112. That’s one hundred twelve pounds of thrust that keeps the boat on position over suspended bass in deep water. Or, if the pattern calls for power fishing you’ve got the speed to cover ground while burning spinnerbaits along shoreline cover. For running and gunning the Fortrex® features Lift-Assist allowing easy, quick stow and deploy.

Long tournament days call for standing up for hours, and sometimes in choppy water that can make feet and joints sore. A fatigue relieving, fully padded front deck prevents pain while providing solid footing. The padded deck adds comfort while allowing you to keep the mind sharp and focused on fishing.

For on-board fish care, the Skeeter FXLE delivers. When ounces count, there’s no need to worry about the catch staying healthy until—and after—weigh-in. The Skeeter Oxygenator Livewell Aeration System is standard on both live wells to keep fish calm and healthy when ounces count at the scales.


For down time when working in the boat between tournament days, you can relax and enjoy music and more with the Bluetooth® sound system. Good looks, practical fishing features and a touch of luxury punctuated the Skeeter FXLE.

The FXLE and Yamaha V MAX SHO® VF 250 make a perfect match. The high-lift pad, a built-in setback designed to feed undisturbed water to the prop, and a lightweight engine combine for the perfect storm of performance, power, and handling. With all of the above, you get a blistering hole shot of six seconds to plane off and a top speed over 75 mph.

All of that top-end performance comes from Skeeter’s relentless passion for designing, testing, and building the best bass boat in the industry. Read more about that legacy here.

The FXLE is an investment, and that comes with the Strongest Warranty in the Industry with a 10-year limited transferable structural warranty. And with that comes a 3-year limited component warranty.

Skeeter owners speak and the marine industry continues to listen. For the 14thth consecutive year, Skeeter was recognized for “Excellence in Customer Satisfaction for Fiberglass Outboard Boats” from the National Marine Manufacturers Association®.

Build your FXLE using the Build Your Boat app.  Find the nearest Skeeter dealer here or request contact from a dealer here

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Original Source:  Sportsmans

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