Skiff-ing into shallow water


Skiff-ing into shallow water

By Craig Lamb


Part of the reward in owning a skiff is the versatile craft’s go-anywhere capabilities. Skiffs are great for venturing into quiet backwater estuaries for viewing wildlife or fishing. On the same adventure, they can take you to a secluded beach or sandy lagoon. Either way, the shallow draft and maneuverability of a skiff opens up more places to enjoy the water.


Water too shallow for a bay boat is indeed perfect for skiff running. That makes knowledge of anchoring gear and techniques a good idea to master. The goals are for the boat to be there when you are ready to go and still have it afloat. Use these simple anchoring tips to enjoy the advantages of a skiff.


Most boaters are attracted to beaches with sandy bottoms. Those with soft mud or rock can trap a boat in place on the outgoing tide or push it too far ashore on the high tide. Avoid both risks by checking the tide chart before you stay for a long afternoon on that secluded beach.


A favorable incoming tide and protected location with little wind or few waves are ideal spots for anchoring. After the boat is in knee-deep water, spin it around at idle speed, so the boat faces the deep water. After stopping the engine, you can then walk an anchor out into deeper water. Also, deploy one or two stern anchors to keep the boat pointed away from the beach.


 Not all skiffs are created equal even though they can all take you in water too shallow for bay boats. The Carolina Skiff 218 DLV stands out for its versatility, performance and over 30 years of reliability. Go shallower with a boat that drafts only 6 inches. A modified Tri-V hull provides smooth, outstanding performance and a dry ride in choppy water.  


Carolina Skiff owners brag about the abundance of storage space and interior design of the DLV Series. Port and starboard storage boxes at fore and aft and a roomy, open deck provide plenty of space for all water sports, from fishing to diving and family excursions. 


Large front and rear fishing decks, six flush mounted rod holders, 18-gallon live well and console space for flush mounting electronics with 10-inch screens top the list of fishing features.


And what about a swim platform on a skiff? You bet. The much-needed boarding platform for swimming comes standard.


If attention is in the details the Carolina Skiff, 218 DLV has that covered, too. An anchor locker comes standard. That makes it convenient to deploy the anchor when the time and place comes for a fun, family afternoon on the beach.


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Original Source: Sportsmans


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