Solstice Spells Summer


Solstice Spells Summer

by ZZ Troutski

Ah…the summertime. That perigee moon was up there this weekend and literally felt as if it was crashing into Earth, it was so bright. The animals, as all hunters and outdoor lovers know, acted more than a bit odd, and the moonrise got everyone in the mood for heading outdoors and enjoying the warmth (extreme in some places) that has – officially – arrived.


There are many animal facts when it comes to the summer solstice – their actions, movements, everything seems to pause in Super Moon Summer beginsboth animal and human realms when it comes to celebrating the longest day of the year. The hunters, campers, anglers – all unite to take on the summer with gusto!


More and more people are also planning their vacation time around this particular seasonal shift. In fact, many thousands like to head to places such as Stonehenge – the famous monument that was actually built to mark the summer solstice. In the areas around all this lush beauty, fans of the Great Outdoors are having a ball. For those of us who enjoy the mysticism and beauty of Mother Nature, this is the time of year to really enjoy it. Although the hunting has slowed down to a crawl, fishing (as well as hunting small critters), are really the only things to occupy the mind until the cold temps come back and the whitetail is once again sought.


So here are a few ways to truly celebrate the solstice. If that ancient stone circle on the Salisbury Plain is what you’d love to see, heading to London will always provide you with everything from history to tourist attractions galore. But the Great Outdoors, the mystery and mysticism that does live in that area will be a breathtaking scene you’ll never forget.


If you want something a bit closer to home in order to celebrate summer, camping is a huge recreational and extremely fun choice. Bonfires are lit – carefully. Remember the high winds and damaging fire that can result if the pit is not perfect. The smaller bonfire is probably the way to go. Roast marshmallows, listen to the crickets, and enjoy.


Go fishing! When out there enjoying Mother Nature, one of the best and most unforgettable ways of doing so is to simply head to the ponds and lakes to catch the fish for dinnertime. Getting into the sport is also a whole heck of a lot of fun. From bait and tackle, to learning how to cast, to selecting your favorite method, fishing can make the summer months pass by in a hurry.


Get out the grill! Everyone in the whole neighborhood knows it’s summertime the second that fantastic honey BBQ smell lingers in the air. Chances are, even the whitetail are in the woods wishing they could come out and grab some of the intensely flavorful meat. This is the time for family and friends to get together, catch up and have fun in the Great Outdoors, with a whole lot of scrumptious food on their plates.


If you are the eco type, or are extremely into horticulture, now is the perfect time to plant the seeds or even a tree. Not only is this something constructive to do, but you help the world around you all at the same time.


The birds are in flight, and it would be a cool thing to work with the kids and make the ultimate bird house for the backyard. There are some out there that are actually on scale with a human house, so this is a project that can become really neat really fast. Also, you get to take some time away from that mundane job and spend that much-needed time with family in order to rejuvenate.


Still into the ‘do-it-yourself’ mode? NOW is the time to redecorate the house. New curtains, drapes, and revamp and update the rooms with honeycomb shades. Not only will this be fun and turn the hose you love into the house you dreamed of all these years, but it will also be a project that will save you money. There are a variety of products, from moisture-resistant drapes to stained glass that help better insulate the home and lower the electric bill. The air conditioning stays in the house without so much work and energy wasted, and the cash stays in your pocket.


Okay, this one may not be for some but…THIS is the time to read. No, not a computer screen. Read…a real, live book. When the summer comes full-force, the laziness begins. That sun taps the energy out of a person and reading for pure enjoyment and relaxation becomes a great way to pass the time. Not to mention, any of the above-mentioned things to do will have a slew of books written about them. So to redecorate, update the garden, plant a tree, etc., find the books that help you the most in order to get that energy back.


When the supermoon rises, a new energy seems to come to light. An energy that comes hand-in-hand with hot, lazy days. Make it a point to enjoy the magic and wonder of it all, and don’t be too sad – soon the winter solstice will arrive and the hunt will begin once again!

Source: Sportsmans Life / Baret News Wire

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