Stonehocker Joins Tactacam Pro Staff


Stonehocker Joins Tactacam Pro Staff

by Ted Lund


Tactacam, the world’s leading manufacturer of point-of-view video cameras for outdoorsmen, recently welcomed one of social media’s most prolific hunters to it’s prostaff.

Arron Stonehocker

Arron Stonehocker

Iowa-born deer hunter and world-class archer Aaron Stonehocker recently joined the company’s pro-staff, promoting its products on Facebook, Twitter and through his traditional story-writing for industry publications like Iowa Sportsman.

“Tactacam’s Leading competitor, doesn’t even come close with hunting performance,” says Stonehocker. “Those cameras are great for what they are designed for, but Tactacam is designed for hunters by hunters.”

One of the biggest advantages that Stonehocker sees in Tactacam over any other POV camera is its hunting-centric design.

“With the traditional fisheye lens design of other point of view cameras, the perspective is really distorted,” says Stonehocker. “With Tactacam, the optics are designed to mimic what the human eye sees; a 30 yard shot looks like its 30 yards … not 100 yards. It really changes how we see and record things in the field.”

Stonehocker first learned about Tactacam while at an outdoor show, talking to one of his many publishers. They asked if he’d ever heard of the camera.

“I hadn’t heard of them, but when they started explaining how they were designed and what they can do, I was sold,” says Stonehocker.

As a published hunting writer and competitive archer, Stonehocker pursued a relationship with Tactacam based



upon the publisher’s recommendation.

“I applied online for a pro-staff position,” says Stonehocker. “And the rest is kind of history.”

Now, in addition to using the product in his hunting, Stonehocker represnts Tactacam at seminars and hunting shows as well as through his social media activities on Twitter (@AaronStonehock1) or on Facebook with his popular Light The Fire Outdoors page (

Stonehocker says the biggest thing that sells people on Tactacam is the technology and the ease of use of the unit itself.

“So many other POV cameras, you have multiple switches and mounts that aren’t specifically designed for hunting and the outdoors,” says Stonehocker. “But with the Tactacam, you’ve got one button on and off. You push the button, it vibrates to tell you its on and recording. That’s it.”

The other thing setting Tactacam apart, according to Stonehocker, is application-specific mounts.

“GoPro and other cameras have mounts designed for other things and they work well for that, but they don’t handle recoil well,” says Stonehocker. “Or the cameras are too heavy. You look at Tactacam’s Stabilizer Mount, and the camera weighs 3.4 ounces; the mount weighs 4 ounces. Most stabilizers weigh in at around 8 ounces… so you’re not losing any performance and it won’t negatively impact your accuracy.”

Tactacam is the world’s leading manufacturer of outdoor-centric point-of-view video cameras. To learn more about their unique line of cameras and accessories, visit To learn more about professional hunter Aaron Stonehocker, vist his facebook page or follow him on Twitter @@AaronStonehock1.


Original Source; Sportsmans

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