Tak Omori Wins Wheeler


Tak Omori Wins Wheeler


Takahiro Omori scored the second win in a row for Team Yamaha following fellow Pro Staff angler Randall Tharp’s win at Bull Shoals and Norfolk Lakes in Arkansas. Beautiful Lake Wheeler, located in Decatur, Ala., proved to be a tough lake for everyone on this fifth stop of the Bassmaster® Elite Series. Covering the most amount of water in the shortest amount of time proved to be the key formula for winning on Wheeler.

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Big Bass award for the final day with a bass weighing in at five pounds, 15 ounces 2nd elite series win in a row for team Yamaha Photo: James Overstreet

“On my practice day, it was important to cover a lot of water with my V MAX SHO®  to find the fish,” described Omori. “I caught most of my fish on topwater baits, while also catching some on swim baits and some on Carolina rigs,” Omori continued. “That combination is what won this event, my first Elite Series win.”


After the first day of competition, Omori was sitting in 72nd place. Going into day three of the event, Omori sat in fourth Place. With less than favorable conditions and steady rainfall, something needed to change for him to climb into the lead.

And it did. While working a high traffic area, the first of a school of bass hit, which was a solid four pounds.  His next fish from the spot, his second of the day, produced the big bass of the tournament, weighing in at five pounds, 15 ounces, which would secure him the win on Wheeler Lake, with an 81.6 bag.

Tak wheeler big bass

“I never gave up, going from 72nd place to fourth, to second, and on to the win and big bass of the tournament. You never know what’s going to happen in the future, but you just have to keep on fighting.”

The timing of this win was special to Takahiro, a native of Tokyo, Japan.

“Today I had my Japanese flag in my boat all day, because of the earthquake on the south side of Japan in Kyushu two weeks ago. My thoughts are still with those who have nothing to go back to,” he said.

The 7.0 earthquake took place on April 16th in the southwest area of the country.


Original Source Yamaha Outboards.com

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