TenPoint Leading the Charge


TenPoint Leading the Charge for

North American Crossbow Hunting


Only one state – Oregon – blocks hunters from using crossbows. Go ahead: Read that again.

Just 20 years ago, the controversy surrounding the concept of hunting big and small game with a device created in the 5th century BC was raging across the United States. The Congressional Sportsman’s Foundation found that “traditional” archers were the most vocal group opposing their use. Ironically, CSF reports that many arguments used by crossbow opponents are the same arguments used to oppose the inclusion of compound bows during archery seasons in the 1970s despite changing demographics of hunters and advances in technology.

What is perhaps even more ironic is that industry analysts noted a dramatic decrease in the number of archers after the age of 55, and large numbers of those hunters returned to buy hunting licenses once crossbow hunting was legalized.

Owing to the leadership of crossbow industry giants like Rick Bednar, CEO of TenPoint Crossbows, hunters who choose to use bolts instead of either bullets or more traditional arrows now participate in hunting seasons that were the domain of archers and gun enthusiasts just a generation ago.

Wisconsin and New York are the latest states to modify regulations to allow crossbow hunting, both launching inaugural



crossbow seasons in 2014, bringing the list to 28 states that allow crossbows during some portion of archery deer seasons. Twenty-four of those approve of their use during the entire archery season.

The crossbow approval bandwagon starting rolling in 2002 when Georgia liberally authorized them for all 2003 big-game seasons. Alabama (2004), Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia signed on in 2005. In all, 20 states approved crossbow hunting in the past 12 years.

Heavyweight organizations such as the National Rifle Association and Safari Club International supported the efforts of the North American Crossbow Federation and tens of thousands of hunters across the country. To their credit, politicians and wildlife agency bureaucrats saw the opportunity as a way of offering hunters more opportunities, especially those who are aged or disabled. They also recognized crossbow hunting as a tool for managing white-tailed deer populations, and a way for state agencies to add money to their coffers.

In Ohio, where crossbows have been legal to use in archery deer seasons since 1984, crossbow hunters now outnumber traditional archers who opt for long, compound and recurve bows. And they kill more deer, much to the liking of wildlife biologists looking for ways to increase whitetail harvest.

TenPoint’s Bednar saw the almost predictable spike coming. He built his business in the late 1980s and by 1990 was named New Entrepreneur of the Year in Stark County, Ohio. Today TenPoint far outpaces its competition in sales, distribution, innovation and safety, relying on the strength of 31 U.S. patents, two in Canada, and another 19 pending, and the assurance to its customers that every one of its crossbows is designed, tested and manufactured in the U.S.A. TenPoint is a sponsor of the North American Crossbow Federation.

As you might suspect, each state operates under its own set of regulations. TenPoint’s website outlines basic crossbow hunting regulations in the U.S. and Canada, but advises hunters to check with their state wildlife agency for specific rules.

Here’s a quick number snapshot about crossbow hunting in the U.S.:

23 States: Legal for use in archery season

11 States: Legal in firearm season

7 States: Legal for physically challenged hunters during archery season

4 States: Legal during a portion of archery season

2 States: Legal for hunters over a certain age (65+ in Wisconsin) & (70+ in Iowa)

1 State: Legal for use in archery season beginning with 2014 season – will be reviewed again after three years (Wisconsin)

1 State: Legal for use in archery season-private land only (Florida).

1 State: Illegal hunting equipment (Oregon).

See more information online at www.northamericancrossbowfederation.com, or www.TenPointCrossbows.com.


Original Source;  Sportsmans Lifestyle.com

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