The American Sportfishing Association’s 2014 Icast Show is a big hit for all anglers!


The American Sportfishing Association’s 2014 Icast Show is a big hit for all anglers!

by Darren Shepard

I just returned from the America Sportfishing Association ICAST Show in Orlando, Florida. What an amazing industry show!   The Icast Show is not open to the public but is an industry trade show where every leading fishing product manufacture promotes and sells products to dealers they have developed for all of us anglers to enjoy as we pursue our favorite fishing activities.

I was fortunate enough to speak with many manufactures and writers while attending the show. I had the opportunity to see the I castlatest marine electronics from Lowrance and Garmin, fantastic foul weather gear from Gill NA, plus outstanding innovations in rods and reels from companies such as Shimano and many others.  It was amazing to see all of the new kayaks, paddle boards, clothing, lures, sunglasses and terminal tackle, all specifically designed to enhance our success and enjoyment on the water.   Regardless of the species you pursue from freshwater to saltwater, there were new products that will catch your eye and become a staple in your tackle box or boat!

Several of the products are available now and over the course of the next several months.   It’s part of the industry cycle to bring “alive” every fishing companies R&D department by taking the product concept from the drawing board,  to the retailer and then to each of us!

A big key for all of us anglers, regardless if you fish every day or once a year, is to make sure each of us become stewards for the angling community. It is important for each of us to introduce our spouse, children and friends to fishing whenever we can in order for our sport to continue grow for generations to come. According to the 2011 National Survey on Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife Associated Recreation Survey, over 40 Million licensed anglers generate of $46 Billion in retail sales. Anglers are a major contributor to the economy, positively impact our ecosystems, conservation efforts and employment! Besides, fishing is just fun for everyone!

At the show, I invested some time learning about The Keep America Fishing Foundation. Their key mission is to protect our rights to fish. With the impact of ever changing polices, regulations and laws impacting anglers, Keep America Fishing Foundation continues to fight for all of our angling rights every day. Check out Keep America and join to protect our fishing opportunities today and in the future.

The 2014 Icast Show was a great success and every angler should be creating their new wish list now and start buying some of the greatest fishing products ever developed. A day on the water is by far better than a day in the office! Just remember, when you head out to go fishing with all of your new gear, make sure you take the kids and a few friends with you as well.

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