The Land of 10,000 Lakes Promises You’ll Catch Those Walleyes!


The Land of 10,000 Lakes Promises You’ll Catch Those Walleyes!


It may be odd, but there is an actual Guide Service in the stunning “North Star State” that actually guarantees you will most definitely catch fish with them.

perfect fishing trip, Minnesota, Captain Josh Hagemeister, Minnesota Fishing Guide Service, In-Fisherman Magazine’s Camp FishIf you are looking for that perfect fishing trip in Minnesota, you need to look no further than, Captain Josh Hagemeister of the Minnesota Fishing Guide Service. From ice fishing to open water, this United States Coast Guard licensed Captain is all about bringing exciting fishing action combined with beautiful Minnesota scenery to you, your family, friends, and even those company excursions.

The Captain’s specialty is catching Minnesota’s famous Walleye, but in his twenty years of guiding those who love to fish, he has also honed his talent and extreme skill at bringing in everything from the acrobatic Smallmouth or Largemouth Bass to Panfish to Northern Pike – even those enormous Muskies.

But remember, not only is the fishing ‘5-star’ with the Captain, but when heading out with the Minnesota Fishing Guide Service for those much-sought-after Walleye, you are talking about being placed in some of the best fishing areas in the world. Just think of those amazing fishing trips on Park Rapids, Ottertail, Fergus Falls, Brainerd /Nisswa…and the list goes on. The Captain can even arrange trips to the Lake of the Woods or Rainy Lake.


The Captain is so confident in his abilities to catch you fish that he actually states he will not charge any fee if your Minnesota fishing trip is anything other than a success. Although, after reading this man’s resume, you may not be shocked by his statement. Throughout his guiding career he has also: worked as an instructional fishing guide for In-Fisherman Magazine’s Camp Fish, co-hosted and produced the “Outdoors Minnesota” TV series, provided a seminar series, published a sportsman’s outdoor newspaper, and taken the ‘gold’ (so to speak) at many fishing tournaments. In other words, this Captain is the ultimate angler and most versatile multi-species fishing guide you can ‘land’.

perfect fishing trip, Minnesota, Captain Josh Hagemeister, Minnesota Fishing Guide Service, In-Fisherman Magazine’s Camp Fish

The amenities that come along with the Minnesota Fishing Guide Service don’t stop with just the best Captain in the business. Your trip also includes: one of the best and most relaxing boats on the water, fishing rods, reels, tackle, bait, fishing tips, life preservers, rain gear, and photos of your catch for up to five anglers per boat. And after the trip has come to an end, your trophies will be cleaned and packaged for you to take those fresh fillets with you on your trip home.


You and your party will also receive a shore lunch experience that is beyond delicious and are available with all full-day trips. The meal is prepared by the executive chef as you relax and reflect on the mornings’ amazing catch.

Groups and/or reunions as large as 60 anglers can be scheduled ahead of time and you will also receive suggestions on the incredible lodging options in the area to make your trip even more memorable.


When it comes to rates, here is just a sample of what the Minnesota Fishing Guide Service has to offer:


1/2 Day Fishing Trip Rates: 2 people at $149/per person; 3-4 people at $99/per person; 5 people at $79/per person. *


Full Day Trips that include a complimentary shore lunch: 2 people            at $299/per person; 3 people at $199/per person; 4 people at $169/per person; and 5 people at $139/per person *

(*Rates are subject to change.)


You can also call for six-hour rates, single angler rates, and even save money by booking a reunion package.


There are even Fishing Club Memberships available starting at $1,200 where you can join now and enjoy guided trips all year long.


What more could you ask for? Not only do you receive a guarantee that the “fishing is good” but you also get to enjoy angling on some of the most beautiful lakes in all the land. Begin your exploration now because…the Walleye are waiting!


For more information, head to:

perfect fishing trip, Minnesota, Captain Josh Hagemeister, Minnesota Fishing Guide Service, In-Fisherman Magazine’s Camp Fish

Source:  Sportsmans Lifestyle

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