Tick Man Dan Discusses the Rise of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever


Tick Man Dan Discusses the Rise of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

 By Amy Lignor

So what exactly is Rocky Mountain spotted fever? To be brief, RMSF is one of many tick-borne diseases. But the worst statistic is the fact that RMSF is, once again, on the rise. Although RMSF cases have been reported throughout most of the contiguous United States over time, only five accounted for over 60% of the cases seen from 2003 to 2010. It came as a total surprise in eastern Arizona, an area that had never before reported the disease, when roughly 140 cases of RMSF suddenly appeared. The tick responsible is known as the Rhipicephalus sanguineous, and although this may sound unique, it is actually a common brown dog tick easily found around people’s homes.


Tick Man Dan (AKA: Dan Wolff), wants to make sure the U.S. of A. understands the magnitude of RMSF and how to stop cases from increasing. With over twenty years’ experience as a suburban deer expert and tick prevention specialist, not to mention a true lover of his own family canines, Tick Man Dan spends his days educating the world on tick prevention, removal and first-aid. He is also the person a great many others thank for inventing the device that safely and quickly removes ticks from both people and pets: TickEase.


Even though we are in this 21st-century of amazing technology, there is still no vaccine available that “cures” RMSF. Medical men and women state that dogs with RMSF show a variety of clinical signs to warn the owner; the trouble is, these particular signs mimic many other diseases. Your beloved family friend can show a loss of appetite, fever, depression, pain in the muscles and joints, swollen lymph nodes, and even edema (a fluid accumulation) in the face and legs. Worse, some animals can develop pneumonia or heart arrhythmias, which can lead to the loss of your dog quite suddenly. From dizziness to seizures to a wave of neurological signs, RMSF begins to “show itself” 2 to 14 days after the actual tick bite has occurred. And seeing as that we can’t clear out the forest and “vacuum” up all the ticks out there spreading RMSF; prevention becomes more and more difficult.


It’s an old saying that when it comes to everything from allergies to what weeds will grow in the backyard every year, depends on what the wind blows in, and it seems the RMSF disease is blowing into a greater degree as of late. So how can you prevent this from happening? As we all know, there’s a million-dollar industry when it comes to taking care of our most cherished friends. Go to any store, and you’ll see row after row of tick collars, and bottle upon bottle of products and chemicals that repel and kill ticks. All of these are great for safety, however, actually checking your canine every day to make sure that no tick has decided to make your home their home, is the best way to prevent RMSF and stop the disease from spreading.


Even with the safeguards in place, however, TickEase is the one product that should be on hand in any and every household in the U.S. Checking your animals with TickEase is a must. The only tick removal tool that’s dual-sided, TickEase is a device with fine-point tweezers on one end for removing small ticks from the flesh, and a slotted scoop on the other end for removing larger ticks from animals. Although you, yourself, can’t get RMSF from your dog, a tick bite can do it in the blink of an eye. Common symptoms for people range from a rash to chills to headaches and muscle aches – these small insects can make life truly hard.


Photo by Abby Chestnut Chestnutmutts.com

And without TickEase available in the house, a great many people will use their fingers to remove a tick. Some even use regular tweezers, twisting them or jerking them which then can cause the mouthparts of the tick to actually remain in the skin. But with TickEase, the removal process becomes quick and easy. After removal, cleansing the spot thoroughly using antibacterial soap must be done, and the site of the bite should always be observed for a few days after it occurs.


Tick Man Dan wants you to understand that RMSF is one of those diseases that is always a part of the Great Outdoors, and now more prevalent than before. So take the time to learn how to fight and cure the disease. But, first priority, make sure to have the device to check for and remove the ticks before the disease can take hold. With TickEase and education, both two-legged and four-legged family members can stay safe!


Educate yourself today at: www.TickEase.com


Original Source:  Sportsmans Lifestyle.com


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