Tick Man Dan Says: Be Tick Smart!


Tick Man Dan Says: Be Tick Smart!

By Amy Lignor

Tick bites have become far more common in the past two decades, with Lyme disease creating havoc and being the subject of many headlines across the country. Although what many first perceived as only an “East Coast disease” it is a fact that Lyme disease is spread by ticks all across the country. Even the CDC has stated that over 300,000 Americans are affected by Lyme disease each and every year.


A tick bite may not sound dangerous—not in the category of, say, a stroke or heart attack—but the reality is that a tick bite has the ability to bring about immediate threats to a person or an animal’s health. Contracting Lyme disease or a myriad of other nasty infections that a tick is known to carry, can bring about high fevers, rashes, flu-like symptoms, and far worse. Checking your body, your children, and your family pets, is a process that must be done on a daily basis in order to locate any ticks immediately. If bitten, prompt and proper removal is the only way to reduce your chances of being infected with Lyme disease or any tick-borne illness


Dan Wolff, AKA: Tick Man Dan is a suburban deer expert and tick prevention specialist, and has over twenty years of experience when it comes to this very subject. With two children of his own and two beloved canine family members, he realized long ago that tick-borne illnesses were not few and far between. He wanted to create a device that could help a person when it came to removing a tick; a device that would be both easy and safe to use on both human flesh and pets. The end result? TickEase.


TickEase is the only dual-sided tick removal tool. With fine-point tweezers on one end, perfect for the removal of small ticks from the flesh, and a slotted scoop on the other end, designed for removing larger ticks from animals, TickEase is what America needs in every home in order to reduce the chances of contracting a tick-borne illness.


As the president and founder of TickEase, Inc., Tick Man Dan built this products manufacturing company with a mission in mind: to provide the most safe and effective tools for removing and repelling ticks. With his extremely educational website, Dan has not only given a “must-have” product to people, but he’s also provided information on the tick removal process and has facilitated tick testing. It is an understatement to say that the public has been better informed because of the work Tick Man Dan has done. With public service announcements, and future projects that will get tick education into public schools, everyone from kids to teachers to parents to scout clubs across the USA will get the data they need.


But Tick Man Dan not only creates and designs products, he also puts his time, energy and passion into solving the problem where it actually starts. Mass Deer Service is a suburban deer management program that works with residents living in the MetroWest area of Boston to control deer populations; with control, the risk of tick-borne diseases is greatly diminished. A true expert, Dan takes time speaking and informing the public on tick’s behavior, life-cycles and how they relate to the environment.


Unlike the “old wives tales” out there focusing on how to remove ticks from the skin; such as, slathering Vaseline on the tick or lighting a match near one to make it extract itself from your flesh, Tick Man Dan actually knows what he’s talking about where this subject is concerned. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Skidmore College, and dwelling in Massachusetts, a state with a high tick population, Dan knows how to control and lower the risks of contracting a tick-borne illness.


A tick bite is no laughing matter. From the forefront of the problem (how to control the deer population so that ticks will not literally overrun certain areas); to the end of the process (how to safely and easily remove ticks from both humans and pets) Tick Man Dan and his company, TickEase, have all the bases covered. This is definitely a “Wolff” who has made it his goal to stop ticks in their tracks and make the Great Outdoors a much safer place to be.


To learn more about Tick Man Dan and his work, head to: www.TickEase.com


Original Source: Sportsmans Lifestyle.com

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