Tick Man Dan Says: Protect your Pet!


Tick Man Dan Says: Protect your Pet!

by Amy Lignor

There may not be many subjects that the “entire globe” can agree on, but there’s definitely one that has never been debated: When it comes to protecting our beloved children and our beloved pets, we all want to do just that!


The “furrier” members of the household, the feline, and the canine, are seen as a huge part of the family. The cat is the friend who sits in the chair by you while you read and meows at the birds outside the window, letting them know whose boss. And when it comes to the dog, he or she is the whole family’s “best friend.” Loving and kind, dogs have a core of absolute loyalty to the people who care for them.


Unfortunately, the furry part of the family can suffer just as much as humans can. Sometimes far worse, seeing as that they have the inability to “tell” humans what’s making them feel bad. And Lyme disease, as well as other tick-borne illnesses, opens the door wide when it comes to causing them pain.


Difficult to detect, ticks and fleas can be found almost anywhere – from the Great Outdoors to inside the home, where they can live in rugs and carpets, cracks in floors, on bedding, and more. Once they attach themselves to your pet, everything from flu-like symptoms, paralysis to seizures can occur if infection sets in and they’re not found immediately and removed.


Responsible pet care is highly important to keep the whole family safe, but it’s not easy. There are lists of things out there on the market to utilize. From shampoos to sprays to powders to monthly treatments said to control ticks, the grocery list is long; although finding which products are actually safe for your pet takes time. The one fact everyone needs to understand, however, is that the tick must be removed quickly in order to reduce exposure to the infectious agents it may be carrying. The quicker removed, the less likely transmission will usually occur. In other words, checking your pet on a daily basis is an absolute must.


If a tick is found, what method should be used to remove the creature must also be considered. Some may choose household tweezers, yet that is not the best device to use. Thankfully, one man understood this and created a product that gives the owner exactly what they need to remove the tick fast, easily and safely.


Dan Wolff, aka Tick Man Dan, is a suburban deer expert and tick prevention specialist with over twenty years’ experience in this subject. Being the owner of two beloved canine companions, Tick Man Dan always wants to make sure they’re protected. Thus, he created TickEase so that he could remove ticks from his pets and help keep the entire family safe.


TickEase is the only dual-sided tick removal tool. With fine-point tweezers on one end that remove small ticks from human flesh, this man who loves his dogs created a slotted scoop on the other end that’s perfectly designed for removing larger ticks from animals.


With painstaking effort, thought, skill, and experience, Tick Man Dan created TickEase to meet the highest standards of tick removal set by medical, veterinary and other industry experts. TickEase tweezers will remove even the smallest of nymphal stage deer ticks, while the slotted end removes the ever-present “American Dog Tick” and the more dangerous deer tick that’s responsible for the fastest growing infectious illness occurring in the United States: Lyme disease.


tickeaseTickEase is the proper tick removal device. Yet, the promptness of tick removal is still the owner’s responsibility. Taking the time to check your furry “best friends” on a daily basis is what needs to be done in order to protect your loved ones from Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses.


So get TickEase today and make sure that your “Best Friend” lives a good, long, healthy life.


For more information, visit: www.TickEase.com


Original Source:  Sportsmans Lifestyle.com 


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