Tick Man Dan Talks Proper First-Aid


Tick Man Dan Talks Proper First-Aid

by Amy Lignor

Annoying used to be the best and most often used adjective to describe mosquitoes, ticks and…well, some mother-in-laws. However, over the last decade two out of these three transformed from simply being the most populous annoying insects on earth (no, I don’t mean mother-in-laws) into two creatures that can truly be dangerous—spreading vile diseases that create havoc and pain in peoples’ lives.


Photo by: Abby Chestnut


When it comes to the tick, their bites are not only itchy but some may also secrete a neurotoxin into your or your pet’s skin that causes paralysis after a prolonged blood meal. In other words, if you don’t find them quickly, remove them, and treat the wound using the proper first-aid, then the risk of harm can come swiftly.

Getting an education on what you don’t know is exactly what can help you stay healthy and free from tick-borne diseases. It is important to learn the facts and be prepared, as all good scouts are. Only then can you really be able to enjoy the Great Outdoors. Whether it be camping, hunting, walking the dog, or simply taking a breather and enjoying the clean air and beautiful scenery all around, you must first learn about the tick in order to stop the worry.

That’s when you turn to Dan Wolff. Known as Tick Man Dan because of his expansive knowledge, Dan is a suburban deer expert and tick prevention specialist with over twenty years of education when it comes to ticks, tick prevention, removal and first-aid. He is the real expert out there who – when he saw there was no “correct” device on the market to safely and quickly remove ticks – he invented the one and only TickEase.

The only tick removal tool that’s dual-sided, TickEase is a device with fine-point tweezers on one end for removing small ticks from the flesh, and a slotted scoop on the other end for removing larger ticks from animals.


Without TickEase on hand, some people use their fingers to remove a tick. Some use household  tweezers and then jerk or twist them, which can cause the mouthparts of the tick to actually remain in the skin. Still others will squeeze, puncture or crush the tick’s body, which may lead to infections through skin cuts if they happen to come in contact with a tick’s infected body fluids.


It is a fact not to use so-called “traditional methods” of tick removal, such as nail polish remover, rubbing alcohol, hot match heads, petroleum jelly, and a slew of other incorrect ways that are posted all over the internet. Not only can these increase exposure to infectious agents, but they can also cause the tick to salivate and regurgitate germs directly into you!


With TickEase, the removal process becomes quick and easy. However, the process doesn’t end there. What you need to know is the correct first-aid that must be done after the tick has been dislodged.


The very first step is making sure to cleanse the spot thoroughly using antibacterial soap. The area of the bite will have an indentation, and cleaning must be done as soon as TickEase has done its job. The bite site should always be observed for a few days after removal. Applying anti-bacterial cream will also be an added extra protection and keep the site extra clean. And always remember, hands that have been contaminated with a tick’s body fluids must be thoroughly washed with soap and warm water. Proper wound treatment is an absolute must!


Tick Man Dan made it his mission to provide you and your family with the safest, most effective tool on the market for removing ticks. But his ability to educate and make sure that you know exactly what proper first-aid is and how to administer it is also superior! In this world where the once annoying insects have now become frightening, the duo of TickEase and its creator are exactly what you need to keep your family safe.


Educate yourself today at: www.TickEase.com


Original Source: Sportsmans Lifestyle.com 

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