Tidewater 220XLF


Tidewater 220XLF

by Ted Lund


Boat owners new and old looking to upgrade their on-the-water experience this Spring have a fantastic option in the new 220 XLF from Tidewater, a company that’s redesigning the luxury fishing category of boat industry-wide.

220 LFX by Tidewater Boats

220 LFX by Tidewater Boats

It’s the perfect fit for boaters looking for a serious fishing machine that will double as a family-friendly floating platform during weekends and holidays thanks to upgrades like the comfortable full upholstery and ample stainless steel drink holders. The newly-redesigned console features a roomy, user-friendly focus, with ample room down below for an optional Porta-Potty. The console also features storage in the form of a glovebox, as well as catch-all trays for and aft.

Seating is another premium offering on the 220XLF, and boaters will appreciate the large, wraparound rear seat that also allows access to a newly-designed walkthrough transom door, perfect for enjoying watersports like wakeboarding, tubing and waterskiing.

Moving forward, the 220XLF also features ample, comfortably appointed seating in front of the console and in the bow are as well — a perfect perch for sunbathing, picnics or just enjoying a leisurely waterway cruise.

The 220XLF tapes out at 22 feet, 2 inches, with a roomy beam of 8 feet, 10 inches. Weighing in at 2700 pounds, the

Tidewater 220XLF is a perfect match for reliable Yamaha four-stroke power up to 300-hp. Thanks to a 71-gallon

Interior of the 220 LFX

Interior of the 220 LFX

built in fuel cell, you’ll have plenty of range whether its a half-day or a long weekend adventure. Explorers will appreciate the 200 XLF’s 14-inch draft, allowing them to get into secluded basins and coves to escape the crowds.

Owners have a choice of seven stock hull colors: white, carbon (gray),ice blue horizon blue, marlin blue, driftwood (tan), and black.

Popular add-ons include a 12- and 24-volt charging system, compass, choice of Garmin electronics command suite, dual battery switches, console wiring cover, raw-water and freshwater washdown and shower, power-assist steering, leaning post with backrest (powder coating optional), various T-top configurations and more. The only limits for customization are your imagination — and budget.

Like all members of the Tidewater family, the 220XLF is built with distinction and the finest materials and techniques and is backed by the integrity of one of the nation’s top boat builders. Tidewater owners enjoy the piece of mind afforded by all-composite, no-wood construction, a 10-year transferable hull warranty on a hand-laid fiberglass hull featuring full foam floatation and a glass stringer system.

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Original Source; Sportsmans Lifestyle

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