Tidewater Boats Announces Big Things at 2015 Dealer Meeting


Tidewater Boats Announces Big Things at 2015 Dealer Meeting

by Ted Lund


Tidewater Boats kicked off its 10th anniversary in the marine industry with its 2015 dealers meeting in Columbia, South Carolina.

More than 100 representatives from 45 dealers across the nation — some as far away as Fort Worth, Texas and Toronto, Canada — descended upon the Hilton in downtown Columbia and Lake Murray Marina to explore Tidewater’s innovative new lineup for 2016.

252 CC Adventure Tidewater Boats

252 CC Adventure
Tidewater Boats

“We had plenty of big news… we’ve introduced five new boats in the last calendar,” says Jai Couture, Tidewater’s director of sales. “We redesigned the 170CC, introduced our brand-new 252 CC, as well as a totally new 1910 bay boat, and we have another addition to the lineup coming this fall.

But the biggest news was Tidewater’s new 2500 Custom Carolina Bay featuring a unique stepped hull design.

“By far, the most buzz was surrounding our new stepped-hull 2500 Custom Carolina Bay,” said Couture. “Even dealers from the northeast were excited about this revolutionary new stepped hull bay boat.”

The event was about more than just unveiling new products, however.

“We wanted to take time to recognize the people that have really helped us with our phenomenal growth — our dealers,” said Couture.

In all, Tidewater recognized five members of their dealer network.

Marker 17 in Wilmington, N.C. took the Bay Boat Champion, selling the most bay boats for 2015. The Custom Award went to the dealer

Tidewater Boats

Tidewater Boats

selling the most 280 Customs for the year, Texas Sportfishing Yacht Sales in Kemah, TX. Southeast Florida’s Sundance Marine took Rookie of the Year honors for selling the most Tidewaters of any new dealer in 2015. Galena, Md’s Jim’s Marine received the Action Award for being the dealer with the largest percentage in growth for the year. Peak Performance was awarded to Rt. 113 in Selbyville, Del. for purchasing the most Tidewaters for 2015.

And business looks like it will continue getting better.

“During the business meetings, we discussed that industry economists like GE and Yamaha are predicting 5- to 8-percent growth for the next year,” says Couture. “Tidewater plans to continue our growth pattern of about 15-percent annually. We have several new projects in the tooling department and anticipate a great year of growth.”

Tidewater Boats is a leading manufacturer of fiberglass outboard boats for fresh and saltwater. All members of the Tidewater family feature all-composite, no wood construction with fiberglass stringers and a hand-laid fiberglass hull. Each boat is rigged to AYBC standards and backed by a 10-year transferable hull warranty.

For more information or to find a dealer near you, visit tidewaterboats.com, call 803-732-7300, or email Sales@TideWaterBoats.com.


Original Source; Sportsmans Lifestyle.com

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