Tidewater Boats: Building Loyal Customers One Boat at a Time


Tidewater Boats: Building Loyal Customers One Boat at a Time

by Capt. Ted Lund


There’s no better educated consumer in the retail world than today’s savvy boat buyer. Manufacturers are finding it harder and harder to draw and keep clients not just because of the number and variety of boats available in today’s market, but also the level of knowledge that consumers come armed with. One way to combat that is by continually innovating and improving your product line. Another is to offer unparalled customer service not only during the buying process but also the ownership cycle. And those traits are exactly what’s attracting quality customers like Miami’s Cory Smith to Tidewater Boats.

Having been around the water and boats his entire life, Smith was familiar with a wide-variety of manufacturers ranging from Bayliner to Grady White.

Beautiful Day on the Water

Beautiful Day on the Water

“I am an avid boater and have been around boats all my life,” says Smith. “I finally reached the point where it was time to get my own. So after much discussion at home it was clear that I needed a boat that was comfy enough for a family day, but also safe enough to handle a guys day offshore in the rough seas of the Atlantic. That’s when the research began.”

The whole process lasted more than two years, as Smith meticulously examined, ranked and compared the field from dealers, builders and at boat shows across the Southeast. He finally found the boat that met all of his criteria for design, quality and comfort — regardless of cost.

“After about two years of researching on the Internet and attending boat shows, I came to the conclusion that Tidewater was the best boat for my dollar,” says Smith, who chose Tidewater’s 230CC Adventure. He decided to power his Reel Gutsea with quiet, efficient and reliable 300-hp Yamaha four-stroke.”

“The lines of the boat and the bow flare were just too hard to pass up,” exclaims Smith, who appreciated the option to change standard power. “I felt that the 300-hp engine would be more beneficial to me in the long run.”

One of the key features Tidewater brought to the table — according to Smith — was their openness and willingness to answer questions.

“During the buying process I must have contacted Tidewater over a dozen times with questions and concerns I had

No Place I Would Rather Be then on My Tidewater Boat

No Place I Would Rather Be then on My Tidewater Boat

about their boats,” says Smith. “It didn’t matter whether it was folks at the factory, or rep at a boat show. All of the Tidewater staff were very approachable and willing to answer all of my questions.”

It’s exactly that type of customer service that has transformed Tidewater into one of the premier family-friendly brands in the marine industry. There’s no better sales pitch than word-of-mouth advertising and Smith has sold at least one Tidewater since taking delivery of his boat.

“I’ve spread the fever to a great friend of mine and he has actually just signed on the new Tidewater 190cc Adventure,” says Smith. “I feel Tidewater has a great product coming out of North Carolina.”

So, would Smith consider upgrading with Tidewater?

“Absolutely,” he says. “When the time is right I’ll be moving up to one of the bigger models. If there is something I’d say to someone (that’s) in the market and not sure about Tidewater, (it would be that they offer a) quality product backed by even better customer relations.  We love our Tidewater and are excited for all the memories to come.”

For more information on how to become a member of the Tidewater family or to learn about their entire line of boats pairing performance and quality with value, visit Tidewater Boats Today!


Original Source;  Sportsmans Lifestyle.com

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