Tidewater New Build: 210 LXF


Tidewater New Build: 210 LXF


by Ted Lund


Jamieson Temple couldn’t believe his wife wanted him to buy a new boat.

“It was almost like she tricked me into it,” laughs Temple. “I couldn’t believe she wanted me to go to a boat show and look for one.”

Tidewater Boats 210 LFX

Tidewater Boats
210 LXF

It was at that boat show that Temple met Chris Williams from Marine 360, the Chapin, South Carolina-based Tidewater Boats dealer. For Temple, it was the beginning of a great adventure for his family.

“Other than building a house, I’ve never been so involved in the manufacturing process of something that I own,” says Temple. “After deciding on the Tidewater 210 LXF and signing the order, about halfway through the build, Chris said he’d like us to go and visit the factory. I was blown away.”

Shortly thereafter, Williams set Temple up with a factory tour, with Tidewater’s Jai Couture.

“I had never really been a part of a manufacturing process like this,” says Temple. “And they were great. My wife and two kids were with me and we started at the beginning and saw the boats built all the way through to the end.”

But Temple said that was just the icing on the cake.

“I’m a relationship person,” says Temple. “And the guys at Marine 360 had really already sold me on the Tidewater. I was looking at a lot of similar boats built in the Carolinas, but I could see a clear difference.”

Although Temple loved the way the boat looked — with its distinctive, pronounced Carolina flare bow — he says it was the little things and the fit and finish that did the trick.

“When you are comparing all these different boat manufacturers, you start to see some differences in the quality of the fit and finish,” says Temple. “That, combined with the little things that Marine 360 took the time to point out, like the rigging and hardware, really influenced my decision.”

And that was something else that impressed him about the factory tour.

“The workflow really made sense,” says Temple. “You have the same guy that lays up hulls, and he does that every

210 LFX

210 LXF

day. You have another guy that only rigs the engines. That’s all he does. That dedicated quality to fulfilling a mission really shines through.”

Temple’s other favorite thing about his new Tidewater?

“I really wanted a boat that was at home on Lake Murray, but also something that we could take down to the Lowcountry Coast,” says Temple. “And a lot of the boats we looked at couldn’t do that. In our Tidewater, though, I’d feel comfortable just about anywhere.”

Each and every member of the Tidewater family of boats features all-composite, no-wood construction with fiberglass stringers and a hand-laid fiberglass hull. Each boat is rigged to AYBC standards and is backed by a 10-year transferable hull warranty. For more information on the 210 LXF or the entire Tidewater line, or to find a dealer near you, visit tidewaterboats.com, call 803-732-7300, or email Sales@TideWaterBoats.net.


Original Source; Sportsmans Lifestyle.com

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