Top Ten DVD List for August 8, 2017


This Week’s DVD Releases

by Kam Williams

Top Ten DVD List for August 8, 2017

DVD Releases, August 8, I Am Battle Comic, Kate & Mim-Mim: Super Kate, I Am the Blues, Kam Williams


I Am Battle Comic [Standup Comics Entertain Troops Overseas]

I Am the Blues [Blues Legends Retrospective]

Snatched [Mother-Daughter Vacation Nightmare]

Room on the Broom [Enchanting Children’s Tale about Witch’s Trip]

The Exception: The Kaiser’s Last Kiss [World War II Suspense Thriller]

Frontline: Bannon’s War [Trump Advisor Agenda Expose’]

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword [Visual F/X Variation on the Classic Tale]

Diary of a Wimpy Kid  The Long Haul [Family Road Trip from Hell]

The Dinner [Well-Connected Parents Conspire to Cover Up Kids’ Crime]

Kung Fu Yoga [Jackie Chan Slapstick Comedy]

Honorable Mention

Phoenix Forgotten [Fact-Based UFO Sighting Saga]

Kate & Mim-Mim: Super Kate [4 Fun-Filled Adventures in Mimiloo]



Source:  Baret News


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