TRUGLO Strut Stopper Xtreme Choke Tube


TRUGLO Strut Stopper Xtreme Choke Tube

by Craig Lamb


It’s the biggest — and most rewarding — challenge in all of turkey hunting. Unfortunately, calling a stubborn spring gobbler as the season winds down isn’t easy. The birds just aren’t as interested in your best calls as the mating cycle ends. They are more wary  at this time than at any other time of the year, and the hunter’s vision is often more restricted thanks to the dense spring growth of trees and ground cover.

One gobbler, one shot.



That’s all you might get until next spring. Those odds mean hunting with a completely balanced shotgun and shot shell essentials for late season success.

Completing the package is the right shotgun choke that will deliver the lethal hit you need when making long-range shots for late-season wild turkey.

One of the foremost authorities on shotgun chokes for wild turkey hunting is South Carolina hunter Clark Bush. He and his wife, Doris — a world-class shot in her own right — have dominated the National Wild Turkey Federation World Still Target Championships with multiple national titles and world records to their credit.

The championship husband and wife team win titles and enjoy hunting success  all season thanks to the TRUGLO Strut Stopper Xtreme Choke Tube.

“It’s the most versatile shotgun choke we’ve ever used for competition and hunting,” said Clark. “That’s a benefit knowing you have the confidence to go into the field with one choke that will bring success.”

Versatility is a strong benefit. The choke accepts all turkey loads, from lead to the high performance HEVI-Shot.

“The choke is versatile for a wide variety of shot shells but also shotguns,” noted Clark. “It works with anything from a 20 gauge Mossberg to a Benelli Super Vinci.”

The TRUGLO Strut Stopper Xtreme Choke Tube is the choice of Clark and Doris when competing in the NWTF Still Target Championships. The competition originated as a means of allowing hunters the chance to try out new products. Defining the best practices for patterning a shotgun and achieving ethical turkey hunting conditions is another aim of the program.


“You can never discount the knowledge gained from still target shooting,” said Clark. “The competitions allow you to compare chokes against many other environmental and weather conditions the average turkey hunter might never experience in a lifetime.”

The TRUGLO Strut Stopper Xtreme Choke Tube track record makes it the clear winner. Bush credits the choke with 10 NWTF Still Target Championships and six world records in the competition.

“It’s a proven winner that will bring anyone wild turkey hunting success,” said Clark.

One gobbler, one shot.

That’s what late season wild turkey hunters can encounter. That makes a completely balanced shotgun — shot shell and choke essential to success.

TRUGLO is the world’s leading company in fiber-optic technology for the shooting sports industry. Born from innovation, TRUGLO continues year after year to enhance the marketplace with technologically advanced and innovative ideas for the outdoor shooting enthusiast. Based in Richardson, Texas, TRUGLO is a worldwide recognized brand, celebrating over 20 years of offering only the very best to shooters and hunters around the world. Giving back to an industry it loves, TRUGLO is involved in many conservation groups, youth programs and organizations that promote the values that it believes are necessary to guarantee the industry’s future. Visit  TRUGLO – When Brightness Counts!


Original source; Sportsmans

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